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  1. I am sure you can remove it in the editor, but I wouldn't know how. For question two, that was the real life example. In FM it will treat the full salary of all players bought to count towards the salary cap.
  2. This is actually by design - League One and Two implemented Salary Caps this year. For League one the cap should be £2.5 million per year (approx £48,000 per week, i guess EUR 53,000 is the approx currency conversion). To allow for clubs that would have players on significantly higher wages any contract signed before the cap came in (early august 2020) would only count as £2,000 per week towards the cap. Therefore Grigg on 11,000 per week will only count for 2,000 towards the cap. It's going to be a nightmare in real life come the end of this season when clubs like Sunderland, Hull, Charl
  3. Hi Team, I think I've experienced a bug in FM21, however this may be design - if it is a bug I should be able to provide a save game. Facts; I am playing as Charlton, the game is at the start of the 2021/22 season. I accepted a bid from Wycombe for Ben Purrington, however I negotiated a condition that I'd sign a replacement D (L) (Bens only natural position) before selling. Throughout the course of two weeks I negotiated and accepted a deal for Cameron John from Doncaster, who is natural at both Central and Left defence, D (LC) The game doesn't recognise that
  4. Apologies if the comment RE 12 million wasn't clear but that entire paragraph was referring to that being in the bank balance, not the Transfer balance. It'd be ridiculous for Charlton to have a 12 million transfer budget, there could be arguments made that they don't deserve any transfer budget as they've already brought in 12 players, but the finances should be in a better state. We won't have access to the financial statements until next year so we can only go off of what the owners are saying in the press. What we do know is that Sandgaard has put that amount in to cover running costs, to
  5. I'll make a couple of suggestions below, but I want to caveat it that I don't fully understand how everything intertwines in the back end and I don't want to create an unbalanced scenario - it should be tough to get out of League 1 and while Charlton should be financially stable, they're aren't in a position where they walk the league. And a transfer budget of £300,000 (which i believe it currently is) seems reasonable, the team has been bloated with 12 new players over summer, good players, so the user shouldn't have capacity to bring in loads more, but at the same time there is evidence that
  6. Ownership of the club is not in doubt - Paul Elliott ('PE') claims to now own "East Street Investments" ('ESI'), the company off which Thomas Sandgaard ('TS') bought Charlton in September. PE claims that his ownership of ESI is retroactively assigned to him as far back as May, as that's when he initially approached to buy the company (allegedly he wanted to asset strip Charlton, but that hasn't been confirmed). However, as the former directors of ESI have already sold Charlton to TS, PE has no legal basis for claiming ownership of the club. Legally he can seek damages as the income from that s
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