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  1. Hello team, I'm not sure if this has been reported, but I realized that when you sign a player in January that has the contract expiring in July, if this player is on loan and you choose "Take over existing loan deal" the contract you signed dissapears and the player has to be approached to sign again. So for example in my save I signed Martin Calderon from Valencia to join in July. I took over the loan successfully and then once he was son loan in my team Valencia offered him a contract and signed him next July Am I missing something or is this some sort of issue?
  2. LOL, how is this even possible? 14 shots out of which 6 or 7 were clear chances or 1on1
  3. And yes, there is as well a restriction of maximum 4 players registered in the second team playing simultaneoulsy. If you ever put 5 of them in the field you will get the match lost by the competition jury. You can check the case of Alcorcon this year, that got their game with Zaragoza given as lost because of that reason: https://www.marca.com/futbol/segunda-division/2020/10/14/5f872fb1268e3e7c668b4615.html There is an exception this year on certain Covid cases but this is probably irrelevant for the game
  4. Yes, I believe that rule only applies to the teams that are considered "Filial". These are the teams that are kind of independent (their own board, tshirt and so on) but have an agreement with a certain club to be their filial. This cases are Peralada and Girona like he said, and Basconia and Athletic believe it will be the same (we would need to check this out). But the relationship between Athletic and Athletic B (Bilbao Athletic) and Osasuna and Osasuna B is not "filial" but dependent team. Which is covered in the article 227. Journalists in these two links are confused because in Spai
  5. Yes, I'm aware of it LOL. In Spain everybody call them filial where in reality are dependent, the words in the rules could be adjusted better. Hopefully they get this sorted for the full release
  6. I dont think we should be looking into article 226 but 227 here. The B teams in Spain are dependent teams, not "filiales".
  7. The rules are in the page 121 of the following link - Article 227: https://www.rfef.es/sites/default/files/pdf/circulares/RG 1314.pdf I basically says that U23 players from dependent clubs (B teams in Spain) can be lined up on a superior category and return without limitations
  8. Can we also address the issue on the B teams for Spanish leagues. We should be able to freely move players between first and second team as long as they are under 23, currently this seems to be configured for only under 19 players
  9. Hi! I see this one got raised already but no response so far. The B teams in Spain are totally bugged. You should be able to roam the players between first and second team as long as they are U-23. For instance, several clubs have youngsters training with them and playing on the B team, but this is not possible in FM21, they can only do this if they are U-19 which doesn't reflect the reality and is not accurate.
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