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  1. FM 14 £25 at amazon

    I received an email the other day from them saying that all pre-order games leading up to Christmas will be first class post free of charge and they will arrive on release day. I'd pre-ordered GTA V and I've had the first class postage fee that I was due to pay (because I wanted it on release day) on my order refunded.
  2. Does the game add new rivals

    It was free when I downloaded it for FM11 a while back, I didnt realise you had to pay/donate to get it now!
  3. british premier tv money

    Report it in the bugs forum then
  4. british premier tv money

    I think, in real life, the minimum amount of times a club has to be on TV is 10 (look at the graph posted above). Obviously some clubs are on more often, so do get more money because of that. I'm not sure if that is accurately reflected in the game (ie a teams minimum amount of times on TV) though...? However you should still be getting £40m a season in TV revenue as well as your one off 'match on TV' money. As I said check in your season income, it should show you there.
  5. british premier tv money

    Which is why it says you are set to receive £40m 'over the course of the season'. Have a look at your season income rather than monthly income, it should be apparent how much money you have received to date from TV revenue.
  6. MLS is pretty much a completely different type of game though. The only one that comes close to rules is the Aussie A League. It is so different to other leagues, that its almost a completely different way of playing the game.
  7. Yes, indeed, but is that an enjoyable experience? Is that just an disenchanting as losing 90% of the time? Its a question for you and you only. As I've said, taking over at Barcelona and winnin 90% of the games I play with a squad of players I havent bought just doesnt really appeal to me. Obviously it appeals to many others, but I prefer a more considered game where I can either take over a team who arent expected to do much and make them successful or be successful for a while and then move on once I've got an increased reputation. The truth is, the only way you will learn is if you are making lots of changes in different areas of the game. You will make mistakes, inevitably, but from those mistakes you will learn and become a better player of the game and ultimately a better manager. If you have a team that is winning all of the time from the first moment you pick up the game, you might find that enjoyable (and fair enough!) but you may not discover the joys that the game hides away as you wont be encouraged tinker and try things you wouldnt have tried otherwise. Look at it this way. Barca have a 97,000 stadium. They are the biggest club in the world at the moment with the best facilities and the best players. Go to the board interaction screen and a lot of the options are already greyed out. You cant expand the stadium (well, you can ask, but it'll probably be denied), the training facilities, youth facilities etc etc. You cant really take the club any further than it is already...other than winning more trophies. So a lot of the news items and achievements that you might get from taking a smaller club, improving its facilities and stadium and standing in world football, you'll never see.
  8. Dont worry too much Its a game afterall, one which you should be enjoying. The chances of you being sacked at most clubs will depend on a number of factors but ultimately failing to deliver the title when you have said thats exactly what you are going to do is more likely to see your job being insecure than telling a club you will achieve a respectable league finish and end up just below mid table. There is more margin for error.
  9. If that happens, then maybe not, but Capello will know not to use him in that position again. If he plays well and impresses there then it gives Capello more options. Either way something is learnt.
  10. british premier tv money

    Bayern make that sponsorship through various deals that have nothing to do with the Bundesliga or other Bundesliga clubs though. As I explained in my previous post, the Bundesliga does pay more in terms of prize money per position, but the TV money per game and over the course of the season is significantly less than the EPL. As for Dortmund being able to 'get away with' having an 80,000 capacity stadium, I'm not really sure what you are insinuating. They have a large fan base, have expanded the stadium and are able to fill it. Not sure exactly what they are 'getting away with' to be quite honest.
  11. Submitting hosting bids

    I thought SI confirmed that certain things being discussed here were actually in the game? I thought I saw it in one of the blog features before the game was released? I definitely remember reading somewhere that in nations that were holding international tournaments clubs in those countries could have the grounds upgraded as a result.
  12. Tbh, starting with teams like Barcelona, Man City, Real Madrid etc etc isnt as easy as some would have you believe. The problem is that the expectations are so high and if those expectations are not met then you can easily be sacked for it. This could you leave you somewhat disenchanted with the game and not knowing where to turn next. 'What did I do wrong?' 'Is it my tactics, my transfer policy, my player/team handling?' etc etc. If you were a regular FM player but just hadnt played for a few years, I would definitely recommend one of those teams to get used to changes in scouting and the transfer system (those teams ultimately have more money and that means it essentially opens up more parts of the game). You arent going to learn much about the transfer negotiation side of the game if you are managing in the Blue Square Premier and have no transfer budget at all, for example. If you are completely new to FM, I would suggest playing as a team in the top division that you are pretty familiar with already, maybe the one that you support, if applicable. If not, I would suggest a team with a reasonable amount of resources but expectations that are also reasonable. You're looking a team that you can also develop and mould into your own within a couple of seasons and that you actually feel like its you that has built the team and therefore you are responsible for any success. I just dont get any satisfaction from taking over a team expected to win things and then just winning things from the off. Where do you go from there? I would suggest teams in the EPL like Spurs, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Stoke and Everton. I believe the other teams are either expected to be title contenders or relegation candidates. In La Liga look at Valencia, At Madrid, Malaga (who have a sugardaddy chairman) or Villarreal. I'm not too certain on other leagues, but there is a 'team guide' forum which basically tells you all you need to know about lots of different teams before you actually pick one (starting transfer budgets, board expectations etc etc) so take a look over there also.
  13. I just think saying 'he is too much of a liability' is just another way of saying he is a crap centre back, which I dont think he is. He's just young and inexperienced and its down to those managing him and playing alongside him to teach him and encourage him to be perhaps a little more responsible when playing in the centre. I still think its a good idea to give him a go in midfield as well.
  14. We've obviously been watching a completely different player the last 3 months or so.
  15. Why not start Jones in midfield? It is a friendly afterall. Jones is brilliant as a centre back, we know that much now, he can do the job at full back also. Lets see if he can hack it in the middle. If he plays well, its another string to his bow, if he doesnt, its not the end of the world. Its good to assess exactly how good your players are in different positions, especially leading up to an international tournament where theres a limit on the players you can take. Knowing Jones can perform in a DM/CM role if there are injuries pre or during EURO2012 means Fabio might be able to gamble with other positions (ie take another striker as well as Rooney). Friendlies are for experimenting, lets be honest.