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  1. I had no chance to offer him a contract a couple of weeks later because he had agreed contact offer from Valencia on January 5
  2. Hello everybody. I decided to start a new career with Borussia Dortmund after winter update. As you will see at the first screenshot, Moukoko has already agreed to sign professional contact on 20/11/2021. When we reach at this date, from the second screenshot we see that he signed this new contact actually only for 7 months. Finally, when i offer him new contact soon before the end of the december as i don't want other clubs to snatch him for free soon before his contact expires, he refuses to sign not because he is not happy at the club, but because auto-signed a new one recently. Eventually
  3. Hello everybody. From pre-game editor i highly increased youth ratings of all nations available in the game(i added only two screenshots) and i started my trial and unemployed careers in this way. I have been trying three different careers and observed the ongoing situation by per season until 2030 since yesterday. Always in the first season about 10-13 regen players with potential ability over 180 come out. But strangely, in the followings seasons, averagely only 2-3 players with p.a over 180 comes out for per season, although meanwhile i didn’t made any change in my pre-game editor. So, chan
  4. Come on, this can't be a valid excuse. He is only 20 y.o and everyone knows that he will reach much higher potential than this if doesn't suffer a serious injury in upcoming years.
  5. Erling Haaland's potential ability only 164? It's not realistic at all. It must be at least 178, which was his p.a in previous version.
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