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  1. - Give opinion on stadium layout when new one is coming (small capacity, medium, or large for example) - Possibility to change jersey colours and motifs every year as in real football, gets boring after a while - Actually get players on loan from my larger feeder teams whom i signed a deal with (never have any, and worse they actually send them on loan to other teams...)
  2. Many thanks! I'll let you know then, I just hope it doesn't hinder me later on to build a mid-stadium as the original permit gets stuck. Thanks for the follow up! Luis
  3. Hi John, Just uploaded my save: Carcavelos Praia.fm. Please check this odd behaviour, and if you could fix it and save my game PS: I'm already a few months ahead of the news for the new stadium, no updates from the board though Keep me posted and thanks in advance! Luis
  4. Hi all, Created my own team based on an terrible amateur club for 4th division of Portugal (Campeonato Nacional), set in Lisbon. I chose attendance thresholds as min: 200, average: 300, max: 150,000. The aim of my save, as I usually do, is to get the club to european level in couple decades, and didn't want to get stuck with 400 attendance at the CL final... So here I am, end of year 2, almost climbed to 3rd division but lost the in the last game, and the board decided that the old stadium of 2000 capacity was too costly to maintain so they decided to build a new one... Ok... My fina
  5. Ah thanks, did not know! Annoying licensing people...
  6. Hi all, I created my own club in portuguese last division. Loaded only all leagues in Portugal. Using fake names and players if it matters. End of year 1, so during the save, I decided to add the 2-3 top leagues per country to the game (England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil). I was curious and checked Serie A and no Juventus! Odd i thought, relegated to Serie B in year 1 then? Nope, neither. Search bar, typed Juventus, many lower interest results but no real italian Juve team. Only noticed this with Juve so far but haven't checked for all teams :) Screenshots:
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