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  1. Personally I think you should remember that FM is a game and that you should have fun playing it. If you want to test the game to see what happens when you win all the available trophies (I did it in a sort of superman save ) then go for it.. you will find that also in that situation, to limit the number of reload, you will have to prepare matches and study opponents. If you want to avoid being fired because you want to play absolutely with that team even if you are losing a ton of matches, and you are happy with that, then go for it. If you prefer never saving and never reload beca
  2. Thank you very much for this insight, it is very interesting. I looked into Zebre U23 and it looks like that this team is a true "autonomous" club since if it is removed from zebre reserve list it becomes a true club in selectable in the list. I haven't looked yet at the details, but does this mean that I can create a new club and then link it as a reserve club of a major club? Is this played with affiliations? If so this could open an interesting customisation scenario for lower league italian clubs which sometimes have some kind of local affiliated clubs which acts as reserve
  3. Hi all, I have just begun using the pre-game editor and in I am really astonished on how much detail is present in FM database..impressive work! I am trying to add a B team to some low league italian teams and, since I have found no manual, I need some help in understanding the options available: In the reserve section of the club I see the possibility of adding one or more reserve teams under the section reserve and a section which is called Create New where normally I find U18 U21, etc.. What is the difference between the two? I saw that zebre has the reserve team created in b
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