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  1. So my first season ended limply and we finished 3rd with no trophy. I decided to be aggressive in the market In came Bastoni, Locatelli, Dodo and Maddison to improve the starting eleven. Ramsdale came in to really challenge Leno. Abraham came in as Martinez picked up a 2 month injury in January. Abraham was bad. Maddison also broke his leg in Jan and ESR had an injury hit season after an incredible first one, so the #10 position was the most problematic. Saka had a few knocks too. Martinelli and Aubameyang were fantastic down the left hand side. We started the season terribly, lost to Chelsea at home 1-0, drew 0-0 at Southampton and 0-0 with City. We then got an undeserved 2-1 win at Anfield which kicked off our season. And what a season United led the way for so much of the season before they completely **** the bed. We robbed Liverpool again We had to play all of ET with 8.5 men as Aubameyang pulled his groin. We were dominant until then as PSG sat deep. So yeah, treble winners. Transfer wise Gabriel lost his place and demanded a new deal so he's off as Valencia bid £70m for him. Sambi Lokonga wants a new deal of £160k a week and won't budge so he'll be sold too. I can get Ruben Neves for £30m or go all in on Moriba for £78m
  2. Back to back defeats against United and Liverpool have killed us We also have an injury crisis We potentially have a next great Hale Ender though
  3. Been playing a bit with a new update, so we have White, Sambi and Tavares plus no European Football The big summer signing was Martinez who has been a great signing, mainly due to Aubameyang picking up loads of niggly injuries. Barkley came in for 6 months as cover for ESR as there were no number tens available. In January Ramsey came in on loan to replace Elneny. Partey and Xhaka have been my main midfield duo. Trippier came in to replace Chambers. My plan is to shift Cedric and replace with a younger guy. Yazici came in to replace Barkley, but his form has been so good that he's currently my main 10 We've been fantastic, unbeaten in the league. However United have had an almost 100% record, losing only one game which was to us at Old Trafford. We have United now, which will be key for the title race. Saka broke his ankle in January so Nelson returned from Hertha on loan to cover. ESR has been our POTS so far, has been excellent both at CAM and on the left. My current strongest eleven and the side that will play v United
  4. Lets be honest, there's only one reason why people are complaining about it
  5. Yes. I think people are focusing too much on the winning and not what he's achieved. I think the way he's helped turn around English football and most importantly, the way he's represented the squad throughout the taking of the knee makes him "deserving" For me that's more important than if he had won the Euro's but not shown that strength of character. However, the monarch is **** and I don't care about individual titles. Knighting people is outdated and is meaningless. So I don't actually care
  6. Also I saw the stuff about how I've defended Saka all tournament. I was pretty consistent about how England needed more runners, I wanted either Sancho or Saka to start because we play better with players like that than Foden or Mount wide
  7. I assume he'll rotate a bit as he likes to try new players, particularly after a long tournament
  8. Why are you so desperate for this? I mean, you've spent most of this tournament slating Southgate and hyping Grealish, before then making excuses that he's failed to deliver. Still not entirely convinced we're being told the truth regarding penalties.
  9. We lost to Iceland five years ago. We hadn't got to a semi final since 1996 when Southgate came in. Since then we've made it to a semi final and final. We've gone to a joke in Europe to one of the best sides in Europe. Honestly, if you are seriously suggesting alternatives to Southgate a day after he lost a ****ing final, then you deserve to support the England side that got humiliated by Iceland
  10. Yeah that's sort of what I was getting at. Saka is brilliant btw. Huge talent. A rare bright spark in a dreadful season for Arsenal.
  11. so elite footballer Grealish was told by Southgate that a 19 year old was taking a penalty instead? This is impressive, even by your standards
  12. There's no way Southgate picked 5 players and refused to take into account how they were feeling. Put it this way, if he decided that Saka was to take the fifth, whilst Sterling and Grealish are willing to take one, then that is genuinely horrendous management. I hate using the word negligent when it comes to football, but that's as close as you can get.
  13. both? The vast majority on this forum are not racist and fully understand that racially abusing black footballers online is abhorrent.
  14. best taker should be third, not fifth. Maguire fifth because of his personality, he can take missing.
  15. Yes, but not in here where it's full of people that know racism is bad and know that black players will be racially abused tonight.
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