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  1. Is this option in the game? I like having my team play with a bit of mongrel in them sometimes and going in to manually change the PI each time a player picks up a yellow card is a bit of a pain. I tried looking in the match plans section in tactics but it only has scenarios where you score or concede goals. Thanks for the help.
  2. Will it be good for FM to introduce the fact that some teams operate on a team of head coach, DOF, Recruitment style vs a manager For example if you were to join Arsenal, you won't be able to make transfers. Perhaps you can submit a shortlist but all of it is out of your hands. It would make things more interesting I think, especially if you are the type of player that like to move between clubs and this type of system can make it more/less attractive if you were wanting to join a certain team. It would also add a new dynamic to the game. Great you've joined Barcelona but now you really find out how difficult it can be going from a smaller club which allowed you to do everything, to a massive club where a lot of control is taken away from you. I still remember one of my more enjoyable experience was with a past FM where the board sold my best player against my wishes and while it was frustrating, it was also very fun trying to come back from that. Which is why I don't think just ticking the DOF does all transfer box can replicate this as you are still in control. SI can have a tickbox before you start the game if you wanted a traditional managerial experience no matter which club you choose.
  3. I haven't played FM since FM15 so it's been a while and I'm sure the match engine is a lot more mature and different than when I last played FM. But I want to share how sound tactical principles can transcend match engine builds. I started FM 18 and was having a horrible time as I was forcing a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide formation that I was utterly unfamiliar with. I was setting it up on how I imagined it worked in my head but when things go wrong, which they always do, I was at a loss. It wasn't so much my inability to find out what was wrong, but that I wanted my team to play a certain way. I then switched to a 4-2-3-1 wide. 2 Flat CM's. This is my go to tactic. I am intimately familiar with it and I never found any defensive issues, due to making use of other tactical options, even though the formation may look exposed. This familiarity means that I can set my team up to play the way I want but also really shut down the opposition. I really know how to utilise every tactical aspect of this formation from the player's duties, team instructions, individual instructions and opposition instructions. I make use of them all. I even instinctively know when to change defensive lines (in a 4-2-3-1, pushing up the defensive line is a great way of actually being defensive as the full backs and AML/AMR are closer together), tempo, closing down, exploit zones and areas. I just find it so great that the game rewards me for knowing how to set my team up and make use of the tactical options for a formation I'm so familiar with. Now I need to learn how to do this for other formations. TLDR: I struggled in previous FM iterations in learning the 4-2-3-1 but it really pays off in the end and it is knowledge of sound football principles that will help you no matter which FM version it is or what match engine build it is. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to use my favourite formation and have it work but also to find new things that I've never seen before and using it to my teams advantage.
  4. Hi, I haven't played FM since 2015. Even then it was only for a bit. It doesn't sound like much but for me it feels like a long time (especially since I played it for 14 years straight starting with CM01/02) Feeling a bit overwhelmed while waiting for the game to download on Steam. What new features are wildly different and any tips for a returning player not accustomed to the new stuff? Thanks!
  5. Ouch. Wish it was 4 so I can at least include the 4 big leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany) As it stands it seems pretty good. Might rekindle my love of FM by being simpler than the full version. I could never get into FM Classic as the full version was right there staring me in the face. But this is different. Thanks for that Hunter. My biggest concern was the ME but I forgot to mention it. These two replies was pretty much all I needed to know. Going to take a punt on FM touch. Can't wait.
  6. Hi, I started FM when I played CM 01/02 (probably the best) and I have been hooked since then. However the past couple years I haven't touched FM as I can't be tethered to the PC anymore. I just can't. I was wondering how does FM Touch hold up? Is it very similar to the PC version but with a streamlined interface and streamlined features (such as training) or is it very arcadey and doesn't really do FM justice? FM is so engrossing because it has such depth. I don't imagine the Touch version will be that deep but I wonder whether it would it be enough of a simulation to be fun. I would really love to play FM on my Ipad. I believe eventually the FM Touch version will be great and a proper alternative. I just want to know if FM Touch 17 is that game. Thank you for any thoughts you may have. It is much appreciated.
  7. I'd just prefer more animations. To be fair I hang around the tactics forums 90% of the time so that is where my focus in the game is at. I like looking at systems and structure so if a striker is missing all his shots, I don’t really care if he isn’t balanced or not. I look to see whether my system created good shots for him, and if he is missing them often then I suspect his hidden attributes (like consistency ) has something to do with it or he is just low on confidence. There is always ambiguity. If a striker is off balance for a shot with no defenders near him it could mean many things i.e. he saw a defender in the corner of his eye, the pitch is wet, the ball bounced awkwardly… Having a pop up saying he wasn't balanced doesn't really do anything for me. Even if the popup was in-depth or elaborates on why, it still doesn't make a difference to me. I try to trust in my system and see if my players can execute. It always cool to see someone dedicate to them game and wanting to improve it though. Thank you.
  8. It's not really a revolutionary tactic. If anything you are going back in time. The W-M tactic.
  9. Hi pr0, Thank you for your efforts. Seeing as you just released the update pack, I was hoping if you are considering releasing another one on or after the 1st of September. I suspended my FM playing waiting for the transfer window to close. Thanks again mate.
  10. That is excellent. I am really happy for you as I use to struggle too. It is a joy to see the changes you make actually translate onto the pitch. Your roles are well balanced as well. Another tweak I like to do when I play against the top top sides is to attack down the flanks and use the middle to hold position but not overcommit. If you have your LB on support for these matches it can really blunt your attack as I'd imagine your LB will be unmarked a lot of the times in the final third and he has time on the ball to put a cross in, or pass sideways to the IF who has made his way into the box. In the case where you are playing against sides stronger than you, try leaving your LB on attack but your DLP on defend. That way you will very often see your DLP slot into LB and your anchor man can hold his position in the middle of the park. I think FM15 has really improved in this aspect. I see players slotting in for defensive players when they get caught out of position far more than FM13 and previous iterations (I skipped FM14) Another thing you can try out is to make your RAM a IF(s) or winger(s). I noticed in the matches that your attack passing rate is decent but not high. You should aim for around 88% - 90%. At this point you are just nitpicking but perhaps every little bit helps from turning your team from a strong contender to really really solid. I imagine your RAM is floating around looking for space and your RB is on support so he may be struggling to do forward passes down the wing and instead has to pass sideways to the CM(a). If you have your RAM on IF(s) or Winger(s) he can link up with your RB and CM(a) better. So on the right you can have a dangerous link up play between your RB(s), CM(a), and IF(s) where the IF(s) eventually gets into the box and into good positions. And on the right you can have the deadly wing combo of the IF(a) and LB(a) where it is great for counterattacks or fast switches of play from right flank to left flank. But as it is your team and you are the manager it is a judgement call you have to make. For myself I find that on one wing I would always use a IF(a) who is my most dangerous wide scorer but on the other wing I tinker with IF(s), advanced playermaker (s or a) and Winger (s or a). Even if they are performing well I usually change it just to see what I can get. Eventually you develop a rhythm for this kind of thing and know what role is best for that player in certain matches and matchups. Another aspect people can overlook is that the most dangerous IF are often on the left. As most players are right footed, they are usually on the left side as IF. On the right flank they are just generally wingers. I'm not even talking about world class players like Neymar or Hazard or Alexis Sanchez et al. When you are in prematch and you get to the opposition instruction screen, 80% of the time the right flank player is right footed and the left flank player is also right footed. That immediately tells you that the left flank player is looking to cut in and score goals. People also mention on the forums that they concede a lot on their right wing and this is why. That is the reason why I like my right winger to help out with defensive duties; most teams play their inside forward on their left flank (your right). I know this is a long post but I would really like to know what your thoughts are on this. I could just be overthinking things.
  11. I actually got heaps of success with that using the new wide playmaker role. For me it was important that the wide playmaker was playing on the side of his best foot. So I had Santi Cazorla on the right for Arsenal and Shaqiri on the left on my Inter save. They both scored more than 20 goals a season. Whenever I tried a player as a wideplaymaker on the wing of his weaker foot, he would always cut in and end up around the box in congestion. On the side of their strongest foot they will make runs down the line with the ball and cut inside without the ball, unmarked (due to full backs sitting pretty narrow when defending) and making late runs into the box and scoring. They both scored more than 20 goals a season for me.
  12. Exactly. I read somewhere above where there is complaining that while the formation has ML/MR the heat map shows AML/AMR. That is because Bayern are the best team in Germany. When you spend most of your time attacking it is obvious the wingers will be more advanced. By putting them in the ML/MR slots, you have a built in security in that when you are up against better teams or are enduring a period of pressure, the ML/MR will be in a better position to defend.
  13. Photoshop. Take a picture of your face with a white background. Then use the magic wand to select the white background (which will target everywhere except your head automatically. If you are finding it is selecting too much you can calibrate the settings on the magic wand) and delete it to make it transparent. It should look like little squares (which denotes transparency) instead of white now. It's pretty easy. I don't really use photoshop but that's the easiest way I can think of. Make sure you save it as PNG as that retains the transparency. If you save it as Jpeg I believe it'll replace the transparency with white. Also after you save it, if you open it you will see white but when you put it in FM it'll be transparent background.
  14. A Raumdeuters is a specialist role. You rarely get any of it in real life either. Maybe C Ronaldo. They are quite literally a poacher on the wings. They don't defend, they don't contribute to build up play, they don't put crosses in and they don't play other players in. That's the concept anyway. Of course they will naturally be involved in play somewhat but their role is literally to find space and get behind the defence off the ball. As such a the main attributes are finishing, composure, long shots, off the ball, anticipation and acceleration. I may have missed something but those are the main ones. Usually only strikers excel in all of those attributes but they aren't trained for the wing positions which is why you are having trouble finding good Raumdeuters. Personally I am not a fan of Raumdeuters. I like my wide players to defend and contribute to transition and attacking phases. But that's also because I don't usually play deep creative forwards. I like my strikers to feel like the world owes them goals and they are going to get their dues.
  15. I really don't get where some people's sense of entitlement comes from.
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