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  1. Is this option in the game? I like having my team play with a bit of mongrel in them sometimes and going in to manually change the PI each time a player picks up a yellow card is a bit of a pain. I tried looking in the match plans section in tactics but it only has scenarios where you score or concede goals. Thanks for the help.
  2. Will it be good for FM to introduce the fact that some teams operate on a team of head coach, DOF, Recruitment style vs a manager For example if you were to join Arsenal, you won't be able to make transfers. Perhaps you can submit a shortlist but all of it is out of your hands. It would make things more interesting I think, especially if you are the type of player that like to move between clubs and this type of system can make it more/less attractive if you were wanting to join a certain team. It would also add a new dynamic to the game. Great you've joined Barcelona but now you rea
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