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  1. Henry_14

    Anyone work in HR?

    I can’t get my head around the fact you have to be qualified to work in HR. I’ve yet to encounter anyone from HR with any intelligence or capability to do their job properly.
  2. Henry_14

    Uber down the tuber - banned in London

    I compared journeys a few weeks back with Uber and Gett (i think) the black cab one was a good 2/3rds more expensive. Also black cabs are a lot harder to find in the suburbs. If i'm in central London then, buses tubes etc etc are fine so wont need a cab. If i'm 15 minutes drive from home in the suburbs at 2am then im not going to find a black cab. Uber need to bite the bullet and vet their drivers properly and get their licence back as soon as they can
  3. Henry_14

    Explosion reported on London Underground

    Threat levels are intelligence lead an increase will mean quite the opposite. It'll mean there's Intel to suggest a specific attack is about to happen. The fact it never changed after the COBRA meeting means that at the time they had no idea
  4. Henry_14

    CM/FM Legends

    Mike Duff, Cherno Samba, To Madeira, Selakovic, Tonto Zola Moukoko
  5. Henry_14

    Common misconceptions about your job

    I'm a civilian Intel researcher for the police We don't snoop on everyone's life/emails/phone calls, we have neither the time, resources, inclination or authority to do so. We have to jump through a lot of hoops and justifications (rightly so) to be able to do it. We only do it if you really are up to no good and knowing what you're up to will assist catch you/prove you've been up to no good.
  6. Henry_14

    Van runs over pedestrians at London Bridge

    My scenario says they did have a visa. That would make us the only place they would then have legal status and even if we revoked it he wouldn't have anywhere to go back to. This is why you can't revoke somebodies nationality at birth.
  7. Henry_14

    Van runs over pedestrians at London Bridge

    Lets spin it around, a "terrorist" arrives from another country on a family visa stays here becomes "known to Police here" but Police in that country find out. They turn around and say our government officially condones terrorism and as such we are revoking his Nationality with us he is now your problem UK. You'd be more than happy that he officially becomes a British National because his own country has revoked his nationality with them?
  8. Henry_14

    Van runs over pedestrians at London Bridge

    This, social media is an easy way to target teenagers, young impressionable minds. Is a teenager going to read a book on extremist ideas or are they more than likely watch a 5 minute video blog or an article online. Its an easy way of bringing the hate preaching to the people. In the same way that any other company uses the internet and social media to promote whatever it is they want to promote.
  9. Henry_14

    Possible explosion at Manchester Arena

    There's also talk it was set off just outside or in the foyer and at end of gig meaning the bomber probably wouldnt have gone through security
  10. Henry_14

    Possible explosion at Manchester Arena

    The US don't know more their media just happen to make even more stuff up than ours do
  11. Henry_14

    Possible explosion at Manchester Arena

    GMP now officially saying suspected terrorist attack
  12. played 3 games so far 12* and 12 in my two innings. Taken 7 dismissals behind the stumps and been keeping pretty well. 1 win from 1 in the league.
  13. Henry_14

    I saw the new pound coin today

    maybe there have new machines/slots ready to install that will accept the new £1 but not the old one therefore cant be installed until the old coin ceases being legal tender.
  14. Henry_14

    Trading Standards

    surely if you are selling alcohol for human consumption you need to be a bit better at testing and in control of production than I cant be 100% sure but i am trying to keep it within the limits. If he cant then surely hes in the wrong industry?
  15. Henry_14

    The UK Politics Thread

    But if your home had been destroyed and your family members were all dead and you are traveling with no money or prospects would you be picky about which of the many safe countries you're traveling through you'd like to live in or would you just find the first safe place? Personally think we have an obligation to take our fair share, it needs to be managed properly for everyones benefit, especially the refugees themselves, This in theory is what is starting to happen except they have been duped at the first opportunity. All the Home Office had to do was play the media at their own game. They knew it would create publicity and interest, that first coachload should have had little 8/9 year old boys and girls clutching teddies being helped off by Border Agency officials. The pictures then would have said look at us being a haven for the vulnerable, Britain at its best etc etc not even the Daily Mail or Sun would have dared blast the system for doing it.