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  1. Sounds like a great plan! My hope is to follow a similar route in every country I wind up managing in. The challenge makes it more interesting!
  2. After a few in-game months of trying, I was able to get a job with the Gendarmerie Nationale Football Club in Djibouti. The first trick is to figure out how to get out of Kiribati. Kiribati’s international airport is the Bonriki International Airport, located in South Tarawa. As before, we’re looking at a boat ride of about 85 nautical miles to get to the airport: A bit of searching taught me that the easiest way to leave Kiribati was to fly to Fiji first, a flight of around 3 hours. The plan afterwards is to fly to San Francisco, which would take about 10 ½
  3. I had a bit of time over the past few days, and was able to play through an entire season with Abemama in Kiribati. We wound up dominating our division: Our draw came in our last game of the season. The boys just didn’t seem up for it for whatever reason. We then turned around and dominated the tournament: Luke Jackson wound up being our leading scorer with 7 goals, tied for the league lead: I should also note that Zak Evans, who scored a hat trick in the final, didn’t score any other goals during the entire tournament. I believe he did s
  4. Okay, here we go. The game made me fluent in Spanish even though I didn't list it as a language. I think that comes with the USA nationality. ¿Por qué? I'm going to make this one a bit harder than normal. As you can see, I'm using the DD2021RM skin, which completely moves all stars and ratings. As I noted above, I'm also using daveincid's complete Increased Realism pack, as well as all the additional International Competitions from DodgeeD (including the retired and fictional ones). I'm hoping to keep this as realistic as possible. After doing a few minutes
  5. Question for you before I try this: is it okay to use Daveincid's "Increase Realism Megapack" along with this mod? I ask primarily because the two were apparently designed to work together, and because I think the realism megapack would make this a lot harder (due to nerfed newgens, financial fixes, increased injuries, etc). If not, no worries - I'll just leave it out of the equation. Looks like a good project to get stuck in for a year or two. It might be fun to do a long wanderlust save, to try to get to as many of these nations as possible.
  6. Just started a continuation of this save. I look forward to this challenge! You had a lot of patience to create 11 different managers to put them in this position! It's also worth noting that this Bayern team has only won 3 games in 5 years, and managed to become relegated from the Regionalliga Bayern without a single win to its credit last year. Now THAT is dedication! I'll update you on my progress as time goes on.
  7. Just wanted to let you know that I've started a save with Sandy United - not far away from South Jordan, Utah, where I grew up. I'll let you know how it proceeds. Based on what I've looked at so far, you've done an absolutely amazing job at putting this together. Well done!
  8. This has been exactly my experience after 1 1/2 seasons. Some players literally never play a game.
  9. No screenshot, but this happened for me, too. I wound up with four different color combinations on the pitch at once.
  10. Thanks for this piece of advice! I'm on an iMac 27" as well, and will give this a shot. I've noticed that the new update makes things particularly jittery every time there is a night game or a game with any sort of bad weather.
  11. This looks really cool! I'm excited for an updated version for FM21.
  12. Thank you for this great add-on! It works just as intended. I found myself quite frustrated as almost all of my attacking players were out with one thing or another at the same time... which, I begrudgingly must admit, is quite realistic.
  13. Thank you again for all of your hard work! I hope that all goes well with your recovery as well. It sounds like an absolute nightmare.
  14. Apologies for the late reply to this! I downloaded this for the first time today and gave it a spin. It appears that it is incompatible with either of the database updates (either 20.3.0 or 20.4.0) - the game crashes if I try to load either of those. It does load with the original database, however. Thank you very much for your hard work on this! This certainly seems like a lot more fun than my previous short-lived attempts at MLS saves have been.
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