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  1. I played the last match of the season on december 7th, and on december 8th i got the summary of the season and my players went on vacation But that day (december 8th) Catolica played their match and if they had won we would have had to play a final for the title I was lucky and catolica lost their match and i won the title but this is a problem
  2. There is a maximum of 3 signings allowed in the midseason transfer window, but i have signed 5 players already
  3. Sebastián Galani starts with an injury with a time out of 15 months He has been out by two-three weeks a couple of times https://www.encancha.cl/futbol-chileno/u-de-chile/2020/8/24/cuerpo-medico-de-la-hizo-oficial-la-lesion-de-sebastian-galani-51443.html https://www.cdf.cl/nacional/Sebastian-Galani-otra-vez-de-baja-por-una-lesion-muscular-20201028-0017.html Also, Franco Lobos is available to play (start game: january 2021) when he has a ACL injury in october 2020 https://www.udechile.cl/situacion-medica-de-franco-lobos/
  4. @Andrew James Hi, the injury was at the start of the game. I will post in the post of chilean data then.
  5. Sebastián Galani from Universidad de Chile has been out for 5 months and his expected return is in 10 months because of this injury
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