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  1. Yes on rtx 2060 there are lags too, on the forum fm 21 they block messages and ask for sending emails with problems, again I had to send them dxdiag files. However, it seems to me that it will not do anything and I am thinking about a refund and a complaint.
  2. I have all the up-to-date updates and a good understanding of computers, but unfortunately I can't fix it. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse.
  3. Below is a video of the match with only medium settings! I think it should look a little better on a laptop with rtx2060 and i7 120hz. Nvidi and G-sync settings don't help. The game is therefore unstable and stutters. And medium settings without fans, the game is smooth (the smaller the stadium the better the game.) DxDiag.txt
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