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  1. hi @Rashidi, what is your rules about rotation? how do you do it?
  2. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! how do you play against 3-4-3 or 3-5-2? and just a quick question, do you "move to channels" on the roaming playmaker? the DLF works wonderful in this system too i´m curious to the continuation off this new epic history
  3. hi @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!! love that you saved the computer! so, first, wow! this is a fantastic, what a dream few questions, in the 433 with wingers, and because you said in the other system, do you have some pi's? second, if you had a fantastic complete forward what do you change? just drag it to a f9, or cf? and again, thanks for your posts, for me, you should post everyday ah, and another thing, could you talk about the player traits? i think you play a lot here and i would love to read about it
  4. waiting for new updates meanwhile, a few questions, i'm having problem with the feliz, is taking to much 3 and 4 and not performing as expected, as so the front 3. do you have some pi for this 3 guys? another one is that i see you now have tighter marking, is this something that you would have in the starting of the game or something that you can only added now because the team is more strong now? btw, i think this save should have a post just for him.
  5. HI.. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!, I see you change the TI sometimes, is that a upgrade or it's like a game per game changes?
  6. HI. I see that you change sometimes, a few times (tigth marking, I think is the first time), could talk about that?
  7. i think that there is a lot of people who will not pass from fm18 because of this changes...
  8. I also curious about the b team and sub18. With tactic are you playing in the b team? Who are at sub18? How are they progressing?
  9. do you have some specials pi or have more ti that you did not show? i find very hard to play like this with 2-3 stars and 18-19 years. and with the better and older too. what should i look for? the first i notice is that i have much less possession. arond 55%. champions, i have to change to a more cation tactic... i know that you put a lot in this, and i love it, but could you elaborate a little more about how you make all this super stars (i think you are a genius, really :D)?
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