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    Southerner living in Yorkshire since 1990 via Manchester. My teams are Luton Town (born), Donny Rovers (bred), West Ham (dad's team). I like football history and try to incorporate that into my FM saves.

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    I work for a large food retailer, i play the bass guitar and I'm 35.


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    music, travelling but not so much modern woke football. all money, drama and virtue signalling.

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    Luton Town F.C.

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    Third Lanark A.C.

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  1. I didn't think about this. I've been playing the same save for a year lol. if i can remember i just loaded up a regular medium database, i never intended to play for so long. so the db is small and rubbish tbh. i dunno, nothing will stop me playing it's just annoying being held back by the AI.
  2. So as the title suggests. I see in multiple saves the AI managers will have a beefy transfer budget but way over spending on their wages. Why don't they have the magic financial slider and fix their mess? The league we're in (Scotland) is growing exponentially but they can't sign anyone decent due to wages. They just keep buying a lot of low price junk. The rep of Scottish Prem is very good now (2031), we're on a par with Eriedivisie/Liga NOS (about rank 4 coefficient). Serie A is now 6! Some of the teams have been upgrading facilities but not all. I would like the league to be more
  3. i found this the hard way. a whole year of paying a HOYD for no reason. the fabled professional personality finally kicked in the year after and produced absolutely zero professional kids lol.
  4. too true. i have half my youngsters in selected position training. i love those paul warhust/phil neville characters who quickly learn every position i throw them in!
  5. it's enough to make me think shenanigans lol. the whole AI is nuts. earlier today i had an agent offer me a player, ok i say, i put in the offer. it's accepted. the agent wants a 1 year contract for his client. i say ok but why not try 2 years? he instantly turns red after having full green patience and the contract talks are done lol. within the week the same player accepts a contract with another team on a 3 year deal🤡wtf lol. i'm not mad it's just hilarious. if i lose a player i just move on, plenty of regens about. but the whole game is absolutely nuts. but i still love it and sp
  6. the game is clearly a bit broken. after playing some more I've had multiple instances where I've had to pull out of bidding for a player. usually because the selling team wants insane money. then they accept lower bids from other AI. i keep getting low balled on selling my players, it's unreal. my players get unhappy and unsettled for rejecting 30% of their value. wtf. another issue i see now is work permits. i have every permit rejected. then a team from bloody SOUTH AFRICA will swoop in and seal the deal. the players take huuuge pay cuts to not sign with your team. it's so funny at this
  7. this is insane! the last SI game i played fully was CM02/03😂then i got the mobile fm19 which is a joke. then i got fm 20 so the last 12 months of ownership has been a real slap on the face. this thing is so in depth now. if the AI are purposely coded to mess with you then it all makes sense haha. i will read the thread tomo, it's late now but thanks to the person who posted it. as i said, I'm 8 seasons in so I've done my best to loan players to st johnstone/aberdeen/dundee. these 3 teams are only just behind the auld firm and me. we hold our own in europe so we've coll
  8. hi guys so my grumble is the fact we get completely mugged off by the AI when it comes to transfers. the AI offer 30%+ BELOW market value consistently. then the other side is when putting in offers for their players, they demand often 800%+ ABOVE market value!?! what the actual??? also when offering wages the AI is insane in their demands when negotiating with the player. but then accept a much lower wage from a different club!? again wtf is this?? an example earlier was on a scottish save in 2027, mason greenwood's contract has ran out, i went in, he wanted 200k a week. obv I
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