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  1. Here some very promising talents in my Leverkusen save. Look forward to follow their development. To be honest they may be world beaters. Lassiter being pronounced wonderkid as 16 years old and being capped at Germany u-21 level already. Wiesner will be my commanding centre back in the years to come. Ilsø looks also very promising. Only 15 years old and capped at Denmark u-21 level.
  2. As DC I recommend Nicolo Armini from Lazio. You can sign him as 17 years old for 1-2 mio. euros in the start of the game. Give 2-3 years to develop and he will become an excellent DC (left footed Ball Playing Defender). He can also play DL. For my Inter save he is now 21 years old and already an established player in my defence and also now in the preferred start 11 of the Italy national team. He has many great years in front of him. See screenshot below.
  3. 19 years old Sebastiano Esposito from my Inter team is developing into a world beater. Already 1st choice striker on Italy national team and heading towards topscorer title in Serie A (in sharp contest with Insigne and C. Ronaldo). Excellent technical and physical stats.
  4. I manage Inter Milan. Won Serie A in my first season (ahead of Juventus). However lost to Lyon in 1/8 finals in Champions League. Now halfway into second season. I am 2nd in Serie A, five points behind Juventus. And I will meet Lyon again in 1/8. Transfers in 2020: - Barella for 25 mio euro (pre-determined) - Sensi for 20 mio euro (pre-determined) -> awesome player - Sandro Tonali from Brescia for 43.5 mio euro - Erling Haaland RB Salzburg for 42 mio euro - Nicolo Zaniolo from Roma for 74 mio euro - Sergio Gomez from Dortmund for 1.9 mio euro (what a bargain for this w
  5. This monster came through my Dortmund youth academy. My jaw dropped a bit when I saw the attributes. 15 years old and already amazing stats in many areas. Wow!
  6. I started a save with Dortmund and just completed the first season. I bought Arthur from Gremio. A 20 year old centre midfielder from Brazil. I have been very impressed with his performances so far. Very high and consistent average rating and quite many goals. A wonderful key player for the next many years to come. Also bought De Ligt to the defence and he also shows good performance. But not as impressive as Arthur. For next season I have quite many talents joining in: Geubbels, Moise Kean, Pietro Pellegrini, Cuisance, Paulinho, Vanheusden. Besides that I have Pulisic and Isak
  7. Have just started up my first FM18 save with Liverpool. Some observations: - I really don't like the new scouting system (reports/scout meetings). Endless repetitive clicking from one player to the next. I want to see all the scout results with star rating at one page (overview) just like in previous version instead of clicking next 40 times. Perhaps there is another way of doing this (I am still new to FM18). - Match Engine. There is a significant number of flat crosses (completely identical situations) from my Wingers with direction towards the near post/side net (I mostly have "Ke
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