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  1. I tried playing Morrison in a similar position to this and he was pretty awful for me there to be honest. Only when I moved him to the Trequartisa role in the middle has he really excelled, even though it's only been about 10 matches. Have you always played him wide or trying him at either of the CM positons? I really haven't been able to get anything out of Sahko.
  2. I've had some success with this formation, although I am still only a few months into the first season. I'll admit I did slightly edit Valencia (pace), and all of the CB's to have better positioning since I didn't really agree with what was in the game. I didn't find Tomkins or Collins to be Premier League defenders at all. I did sell Vaz Te (1 million) and Carlton Cole (free) and bought Rene Adler and he's been a massive improvement over Adrian. I don't know how everybody else is doing but Ravel Morrison has been by far my best player. I'm at work right now but he's averaged about a 7.3 or so for me and my team always plays a lot better when he's in the lineup. Most of my goals seem to come through Morrison. Standard/Structured -------------------AF (A)------------------ W (S)---------------T (A)------------------W(S) ------------CM (S)----------BWM (S)----------- FB (S)-------CB (D) -------CB (D)-----------FB (S)
  3. Pounds changed to dollars

    It happens to me as well, are you in the US too?
  4. FM14: Tycoon Saves

    My apologies if I missed it, but was this ever uploaded? I've always had a lot of fun playing in the Scottish Prem.
  5. Haha, I almost wanted to force the new manager out again just to prove my worth. I understood the result against Slovenia was pretty bad but I was still pretty surprised, especially since all the other San Marino managers are so terrible.
  6. I have no idea. I was pretty shocked when I got the message, especially when the only decent player I can call up was injured. Does this make me the worst manager in FM history?
  7. Just got done with the 3rd season, 2nd in Serie C1/A. Very disappointed to only finish 7th. Pretty much lost a chance at the playoffs the 2nd to last game when playing at Pro Sesto. Was up 1-0 when my keeper decided it could be a good idea to chance a ball down near the sideline and instead of kicking it out of bounds, gave it up to their winger to then crossed it for an easy goal, and I drew 1-1. Only lost 1 game at home the whole season, but went 8-8-1 and dropped way too many easy points. My star player by far was Ricardo Douglas Packer, for the 2nd straight season. He scored 23 in 33 as a AMR. Took Melb's advice for starting with the San Marino national team but was sacked after 3 games, Selva that only decent player was injured for all three games. I'll look to take them back over once I get a couple of decent players, if they'll have me back. The sad news was that they beat the Faroe Islands the next game 2-1. Games were: Hungary (A) 0-2 Germany (H) 0-5 Slovenia (A) 0-6 which was pretty embarrassing Well on to season 4 where I am looking to finally promote.
  8. Maybe I'll have to do that then. I added San Marinese at my second nationality and was hoping that would be enough that they would get rid of their manager.
  9. Just got done with the second season, first in Serie C1, and ended up finishing 5th. I played Treviso in the semi finals of the playoffs and lost 2-1 at home and drew 1-1 away. Was happy to finish 5th but very disappointed at not promoting. Definitely going to have to improve my defense in the off season. Getting ready to go through the World Cup and hopefully the national team manager will get fired and I can start there.
  10. Hello everybody, I decided to try out this challenge since my West Ham game was getting a bit stale. Ended up winning promotion after finishing 3rd, through the playoffs since Cisco Roma kinda ran away with the league. We started off the season poorly, sitting around 10th after about 10 games. I then switched from my 4-4-2, to a 4-2-3-1 and ended up going unbeaten for 14 games and won 9 in a row. My best player by far was Antonio Gaeta who I bought for 70k. Hopefully he is young enough where he will be able to get in a few games with the national team. I was also able to get a pretty decent goalkeeper in Massimo Taibi, but he is very old so hopefully I will be able to find somebody to replace him soon enough. Getting ready to start my second season. I suppose my biggest ins was getting former Italian international Giuseppe Favalli on a free and Ricardo Douglas Packer on a free. The biggest issue I am having is finding enough young guys to warrant playing time.