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  1. Is anyone firmly fixed on getting FM21 as soon as it's released? Serious question, besides an updated database, I really don't see the fuss with the game anymore. Maybe I've just lost interest as the years have gone on but I really can't get into it like in previous years.
  2. Of course, been playing every year since its inception, but it's the tactics
  3. My god, how have they managed to create another broke ME? Lose 3-0 to Tottenham, three set piece goals from the same side of the pitch. My team misses 8 one-on-ones. < comment deleted>
  4. This, this and this. I have refrained from posting on this forum while the update was originally planned for New Year, which I thought fair enough. But the levels of propaganda being spewed by those at SI is nothing short of embarrassing. 'Over 60,000 people playing FM 2020 right now' Miles would say, great, superb. How about touching on the issues? I found myself getting blocked by him because of my thoughts on the game (no abuse). FM 2021 will be the first version I won't be buying, I don't even care if it's the best version ever made, this is truly out of principle. I'll get
  5. It's a real shame SI can't fix this before Christmas, it's going to be driving away a lot of users.
  6. Can we please just get the FM 2019 ME installed onto FM 2020 version until the update is ready? This is a joke.
  7. I don't feel the need to ever buy Football Manager again, I'd like to improve my time spent and that's what I'm working on.
  8. Thanks, didn't see that. The openness is great, but this is the last time I'll be buying Football Manager blindly, I'm going to wait until I see the feedback verdict for the next one. Back to Football Manager 2019 it is.
  9. I don't understand what you expect really, people on this forum are passionate about the game and are annoyed the product has come with an error-prone match engine. Would you rather people not actually care? Because the day that happens, is the day SI are curtains. We pre-order the game every year and give feedback on the game, and if you want a good feedback thread then I suggest looking internally for the reasons why people are behaving negatively. The only way SI can salvage this is by releasing a patch fix before Christmas, otherwise a lot of unhappy new users on Christmas Day ar
  10. How have I or many others not already logged issues? Are my issues with the ME different to other peoples, Dave? The ME problems are pretty common and I've already explained my reasons as to why I am posting. This is a feedback thread, after all.
  11. This is a feedback thread, and I'm backing up everything that has already been said. When you ask me to send proof for these errors, it's basically you trying to say they don't exist until I showcase it, which is a terrible stance to take. I have two questions for you David, first of all, do you own Football Manager 2020? And second, what are your thoughts on the match engine this year?
  12. Because I'm showing that the issues are affecting us, the regulars, in numbers. The more people who complain, the more they will understand that they are driving us away from the game. I've already stated that I won't be buying FM20 unless these issues are fully corrected and I'm sure many more will follow. The problems with the match engine are inexcusable.
  13. This is a feedback thread, isn't it? Haven't all the issues I've referred to already been stated already? They have. Christ, just set up a game and play for yourself and you'll understand. Also, go a few posts back and I put a few print screens of a counter attacking issue.
  14. Just went on to play a game, had about seven one-on-one situations, none of them resulted in a goal. The game ended 1-1 with a freekick and a screamer as the goals. I just cannot enjoy this game, it's at the point where i'm not even excited about one-on-ones, ridiculous how we can't just revert back to FM 2019's match engine. This one is abysmal.
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