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  1. uploaded Chelmsford.fmv to FM19.Info/FMUpload
  2. uploaded Chelmsford.fmv to FM19.Info/FMUpload
  3. There's a handful currently who should hit the ten year mark next season.
  4. Can't quick pick my national team, despite having a Assistant Employed. The option is greyed out.
  5. Same problem as last year's game, can't arrange any testimonials for players who have been with the club 10 or more years
  6. Same as the last Touch game. It appears dispite the option in game, you cant actually add a testimonal. Is there any plans to actually activate this, or does SI just plan to tease us with an option we cant use?
  7. I agree. I keep getting huge scores, and doing better than I should (usually promotion when I'm tipped for relegation) getting record breaking point totals and being 30+ ahead on goal difference after ten matches. Definitely seems like an exploit. Nearly end of a season with Colchester... .
  8. Been able to arrange a testimonial in Football Manager Touch 2018?
  9. Currently in 2029, I've got a two players who I can't do a testimonial for... 35 year old Mattie Caldara signed on 12/1/17 (12+ years). 35 year old Daniele Rugani signed 1/7/14 (15+ years). Not sure if Rug had his before I got to the club, but Matt hasn't has his yet I think.
  10. Im not sure it is a bug tho, a manager whos won as many trophies as me in just four years at Arsenal applies for a job then decides to stay, and I then resign making myself available, id still be in there minds. At as ive already been interested in the jobs, it goes without saying that I would be interested still. It was only a 'I wonder what happens' moment, when I load up the game i'll be still managing Arsenal.
  11. Been winning everything as Arsenal for the last four years, and after the end of the European Championships 2024 I resigned as Sweden manager as the Holland and Italy jobs opened up and I applied for them both. They both offered me the job (not surprising as id one 3 straight Champions Leagues and 4 straight Premierships), but in the end I decided to stay at Arsenal and hope the England job becomes available (also my Genie isn't working due to the latest update, which I find very helpful with the national jobs). Anyway, about six weeks later in game time I saved my game and im going to stop playing for the night, so I for a laugh resigned from Arsenal manager. Ive seen it before, 44 members of staff jacked when I left. But most interesting was what else happened... Both jobs that I turned down as I spoke to the Arsenal board and opted to stay, both managers sacked after being in there respective jobs for just over two weeks. They hadn't even managed a match, poor guys, I feel I should send them a card or something.
  12. Id like to see the following... Full editable leagues and cups, its my dream to one day make a european super league that teams get promoted to, say Man U are the english team in it at the end of the season they would have to beat the new prem champions over two legs, maybe adding a UK cup, or deleting the current International scene, and having a huge world wide league system. I can dream... My only other wish list thing has already been mentioned. Reserve and U19 management, you know you start out your career as St Albans U19s Head Coach, get promoted to Assistant and manage the reserves, Man Utd spot your talent and offer you there u19 job. More on the job side, how about getting aproached by a consortium who want to buy Wolves and make you manager, they also tell that they make available 40m, and expect Premiership in 2 years, and european football in 6years.
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