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  1. I would question that in the modern game, Leadership or being a captain is no longer about who shouts the most that is something that is going out the game, Without a shadow of a doubt Tavernier is a fantastic leader at Rangers and definitely leads by example, Not going to get into a huge debate on the matter however I do believe his should be higher and if the leadership attribute is just based on shouting then researchers or SI should maybe be looking at considering putting more thought or a change to it not saying he should be up there in the same level as Scott Brown but I do feel that he
  2. Would there be any consideration into Tavs leadership ? Out of the 12 current premiership team he only has a higher leadership than 2 other captains. He may not be a shouter on the park however his performances, he never shy's away from the ball, he clearly leads by example in terms of performance and attitude and finally he never misses a game and the fact Goldson also has a higher leadership rating than him makes it even more bizarre.
  3. Summary: Error code everytime I quit game Description of Issue: Game plays and saves fine however upon exiting the game the error code shows up saying Football manager has stopped working Steps to Reproduce: .. Files Uploaded to the Ow--nCloud: Fmbug.jpg & Steven Gerrard - Rangers.fm
  4. From what I believe he was actually planning to hold out for Ivory Coast initially when he was younger but according to reports he has ruled out playing for Scotland at youth level and will continue to play for England to try gain a full cap, But I don't think hes declared to a nation in game which is the best you can ask for really. (My opinion) I would imagine it's tough to implement him playing for both youth nations in his records as it conflicts but not sure. I agree with this, Tav has 8 in 8 league games for me (all pens) and 2 assists but think that's more tactics
  5. I'm playing as Rangers just now and so far the team is performing as expected! Think Davis positions should be assessed and I also feel Glenn Middleton is vastly overrated IMO his crossing is woeful IRL and he could do with a downgrade I think.
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned but the Future fee for Zungu is too high, The figure is set at 6Million when they fee is supposed to be £2.7million.
  7. Was just about to report this, Wasn't sure if they had taken it away or not.
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