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  1. Team managed -- Tranmere Rovers Leagues loaded -- 4 top leagues in England In-game date -- Any date Steps to reproduce the issue if known -- Look at data analysis report for my own team or any other team and go to goals scored or conceded. In the assists tab there are no assists reported anywhere on the pitch, and when looking at goals conceded it doesn't show the correct half of the pitch. Whether the game is installed on internal storage or an SD card - Internal storage Note: The images attached are from PC but the issue is exactly the same, the images are j
  2. When looking at the analyst report for the opposition or even for my own team I can see that they have scored goals: But when I want to see where the goals have been assisted from in the next tab, there are none: The same thing happens when I look at goals conceded except then it doesn't even show the right half of the pitch:
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