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  1. Salford(League 2) under a create a club. Thanks
  2. Assistant Manager advises to down grade 'Star Player' to 'Regular Starter'. Player satisfied/happy with game time at this point. Immediate reaction to downgrade....Player(accompanied by agent) baulks but leaves conversation 'happy' with situation(reduced playing time obligation) 'Morale improved'. 36 hours, and one game later in which they didn't start due to fatigue....Player Unhappy' 'Not starting enough games'...promise to fulfill promise...player 'Alienated' Just 'expletive deleted' off. This is a ghost of FM18.
  3. U23's have 19 non AI players and 4 staff. As 'recommended' on first day of save. One month in, U23's, ' The Board feel that we have too many coaches and overall staff....should be reduced from four to one in the near future' Meanwhile, U19's on day one 'one staff recommended'. Only one employed. One month in....without request increased to four recommended....with all AI players/squad. First team 'as recommended'. Tried requesting increase to U23's....same message...'reduce to one'.
  4. Despite appearing to have responsibility switched off. Pre-season fixtures arranged by manager. Then in steps Assistant Manager....Resulting in fixture overload. Duly cancelled....but then does it again....repeat....and again....repeat.
  5. 'Increase Data Analyst Budget' 'No'....rather 'Increase Youth Staff' 'Can't stress how important etc' ''Ok, we usually don't give into arguments...but 'Yes, ok' '' Result: Player Analyst budget Increased...no increase to Youth Staff
  6. 7 Pre-season games. 11 penalties(!?). 4 scored. League 2 England. No sign of a 'hand ball'
  7. 80%(+) of my squads created are 'out of contract' on commencement. Not quite what I envisaged. Not even getting a season out of the squad. Should go without saying, but, If they are out of contract....there is no fee if they move. Awkward enough squeezing limited budgets into a serviceable squad....but then lose most of them due to the 'goal posts'(wage budget being blown out) being moved once the game starts renders the whole process largely pointless(excuse the pun). Also, there is the 'usual' return of player value on search screen being hiked once they are moved to s
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