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  1. I think, child protection is not something up to your decision. As he yesterdays had his first senior game, I think its neccessary to add him to the game. If a player is not to be protected in real world, why protect him in a game?!
  2. Hey SIGames team, contrary to the settings, which I also documented on the screenshot, my co-trainer arranged a test game. In the background you can see, that the invited oponend declined the request. That means, that the game ignores the staff responsibilities settings, which is a bug. My feeling tells me that I have noticed this behavior in earlier versions as well.
  3. Same issue here. I also experienced this to appear in the middle of the game.
  4. Hey SIGames team, I found an inappropriate summary in the team comparison earlier. I have called this popup from the opponent analysis email. The inappropriate summary is marked in the screenshot and is inappropriate because it is clearly meant for a player rating. Translated it says: "Brings an average high percentage of his shots on goal". PS: Could also be a translation bug.
  5. I just received an email informing me that the reinvestable transfer income has been reduced. Besides I find also the announcement strange that the reinvestable transfer incomes after the sales of players for 45.9 million euro a FURTHER reduction on 30% is to take place! Since I have kept to the salary budget and also have no goal to generate 45,9 million Euro transfer income through player sales, I think this is a bug. It is also impossible for me to achieve the 45.9 million euros in transfer income at all, if you look at the transfer value of my players. PS: I think the s
  6. Yes, you are right! I can confirm, that this bug is was also in FM 20 and 19.
  7. Oh @Golden Wanderer, you´re right! This is the view when I open the popup from training. hm, my last "action background" was on press conference and this is what is shown in the background. Maybe this is related?! Edit: From training overview email. here is now also the press conference. In my first Post it was the locking room. For @Golden Wanderer it is the stadium. So there is a relation to the last "action screen".
  8. Yes, works for me as well, BUT it is very hard to find the button to jump back to live view.. Hint: It´s behind the drop down on the upper right side.
  9. If I go to Finance -> Salaries -> Summary, I can actually see what the average salary is for each type of player (regular player, rotation player, ...) Unfortunately, I only ever see a 0. Info: I have set the display of the salary to "Annual" in the settings.
  10. When creating a new manager, I can distribute the tasks and choose whether I want to take over or delegate tasks myself. Unfortunately, it is completely unclear to me whether I am currently selecting tasks here to take over them myself or to delegate them.
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