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  1. This happens to me all the time, even when the player has time to control the ball and keep it in play. Just runs up to it and takes it out of play. The match engine is completely broken. Much worse since the update. All the admins seem to have gone quiet
  2. Now all the missing ones have reappeared!! I've not reloaded the game or come out of it at all!
  3. Now Austria Lustenau has vanished altogether! Please sort this out, these silly bugs are ruining the game. Seriously considering going back to FM20 and won't be buying FM22
  4. I joined FC Roskilde in 20/21 but that season is missing (Very annoying as I won the league. Also I was at Austria Lustenau for 2026/2027 but that season is also missing? Very annoying when trying to do a journeyman save. I've had other seasons vanish but then randomly reappear, but then others vanish. Thought they may have fixed it in the update but no, game is still half finished. Anyone else noticed this.
  5. I managed Austria Lustenau in 2025/2026 and 2026/2027 but it doesn't state that in the history. Come on SI games, sort out these bugs!! The games been out far to long to still be getting these sort of bugs
  6. I've noticed this, such an annoying bug. Thought they would have fixed this by now. This happens in every cup I play. FM21 is one of the buggiest Football managers ever
  7. Still happening. Got duplicate clubs names all over the place. Really hard to understand what the actual scores are
  8. A different match but still does it with other teams
  9. Its now got worse and all the teams, scores and goal scorers are out of alignment
  10. Latest scores on tablet have gone weird. Albion Rovers appeared loads then disappeared when I changed screen and are now just sitting randomly twice in the latest score tab
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