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  1. https://www.herthabsc.de/en/teams/first-team/page/29--29--.html can you check here for guendouzi's real weight and height..you asked me for proof
  2. can you fix matteo guendouzi's height? he seems 185 cm in everywhere but he looks 180 cm in game now
  3. dont you need to know this informations better than me..guendouzi is 185cm in everywhere
  4. matteo guendouzi's height is not 180 cm please
  5. i absolutely agree with you,but we may be late for this request i think full version is almost ready
  6. He is first team player now and i think his basic defensive stats are low in the game..I can explain this in detail but unfortunately my english is not enough thank you
  7. will maxence lacroix's profile be imroved or is it too early yet?
  8. will odilon kossounou's attributes be improved full version? i think he deserves a little bit
  9. OK thanks i will not ask anymore i will wait for the full version impatiently
  10. i really can't wait will orkun's stats like technique,passing,vision increase? sorry for my insistence
  11. will sven botman's profile be improved? because it's the same as last year's profile
  12. At least i think technique,passing,vision and first touch stats should be better than the current profile..thank you
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