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  1. I spent a while figuring this out and found limited support on the forums for recent FMs so wanted to share for the FM21 Editor: if you create a new league, for example in a new nation, and you want an U18s league to happen automatically, do this... ... first set up all the rules for the nation and divisions you want in the Editor (you automatically start in the editor as 'basic rules') then go to the Rules tab at the top and 'Convert to Advanced Rules'. On the lower left option panel you will see your country as the first thing in the list, then look down below it as see 'Reserve Rules'.
  2. When negotiating loan fee, if value is entered manually (e.g. £300 in the screenshot) the drop down menu won't close, restricting access to the other options below it.
  3. On Tactics screen, player swap graphic appearing (inside red square on the image) and unable to minimise. Clicking it only activates the options hidden behind it. Have to leave Tactics then come back to find it gone.
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