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  1. My feedback for the game after playing 40 hours, Pros: 1) First and foremost even for an EA / beta version the game is smooth and glitch-free. I can run it in a mid-level PC without any hitch. 2) The game play and simulation experience is almost same from previous year. It has been improved but not a big leap. Such as I can follow a well-versed Lower League tactics and beat almost any team without thinking as I have done in FM19 and FM20 3) The introduction of few RPG elements such as in conversation or in interviews is great 4) Financial aspect of the game is now
  2. I am very sorry it seems the saves have been overwritten. But I can send the next closest save file. Tomas Galasek - Portsmouth (v02) (v03).fm
  3. I have same problem in Pompey Career. GK Turnbull approached for Work Permit issue but I cannot start the discussion in any way. The Game cannot be forwarded and stuck. I have uploaded the relevant save file in the cloud. (Tomas Galasek - Portsmouth.fm) I cannot even load the save game of previous state (backup save game). It crashes the game.
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