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  1. Same here - Windows 10 takes up about 20gb. Got rid of some of the pre-installed bumpfh too. After installing my main programs (Office, Photoshop, Lightroom and Steam) I have 38.7gb left on the SSD. I think I'll be installing a bigger SSD in the very near future!
  2. Received it today - first thing downloaded, obviously FM! So far, so good. Blitzing through the game! Could run every league if I wanted to, though the allure of managing in Malaysia or South Africa has passed me by so far! IPS screens have better viewing angles; quite surprising to see such a new laptop without it by default, but small price to pay for such a good laptop. It'll be hooked up to a monitor for the vast majority of the time in any case.
  3. I've also ordered this today. Lack of IPS screen a relatively minor annoyance for me as I'll be hooking it up to a monitor for much of the time. Going to be a shock to the system moving back to Windows from Mac after ten years, wish me luck...
  4. Sorry, I forgot that - been so long since I had the boxed version!
  5. Definitely - you just need to purchase a digital copy from a retailer (Game, Greenman Gaming, many other examples out there). You'll then get a product code to be inputted into Steam.
  6. Happy Anniversary! Year 22 for me (Champ Man 1993, purchased in 1994 - and I still play that version from time to time!) CEX in Cardiff have for sale one of my other managerial obsessions from that time; Kevin Keegan's Player Manager for the SNES. CEX selling it for more than my Mom paid for it back then!
  7. Thanks for the reply RedEvian. I've been reading up on Windows laptops since Brexit, as I suspected we'd have a substantial price rise in UK on Macs. Sadly, I was right! I'm edging closer to the Dell I linked to, but looking into your suggestions now too - thank you. I've only included i7 processors in my searching as I have missed the quad-core processor that I had in my earlier MBP when it comes to video editing. Don't know if there is still such a big difference between i5/i7 processors nowadays (?), so would love to hear of people's experiences.
  8. So, after last night's MacBook announcement, after 8 years away, it looks like I'm heading back to a Windows PC of some description. Aside from playing FM (which I never play with 3D matches; I'm still a 'text-only' antiquarian), I do a heck of a lot of photo/video editing. So graphics card is a must for me. I'm edging towards this: http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-7566-laptop/pd?oc=cn56603&model_id=inspiron-15-7566-laptop , but as I'm so out of touch with PC manufacturers nowadays, just wondering what people think of Dell as much as this specific laptop. I can't seem to find anything of equivalent spec for a similar price. Obviously, as I was budgeting to replace my MacBook Pro with another Mac, I do have a bit more money to play with if necessary (though not the budget for the new MacBook Pro ), but I get the feeling this is a decent machine for the cost? (and I could no way go back to a mechanical hard drive full time, must be an SSD in new machine somewhere!)
  9. Dropbox doesn't work for me unfortunately, nor does transferring the tactics folder from Macbook - iPad through iTunes file sharing.
  10. I'd like to find this out too - sharing the tactics folder from FM2015 desktop version to the iPad via iTunes doesn't seem to work.
  11. You can't request affiliates in FMC - the board will occasionally make changes to these at the end of the season.
  12. On my current save, I started at Plymouth on Continental C Licence, won League 2. Season two - top of League 1 by Christmas when I left to take over West Ham in the relegation zone of Premier League, then took over at league champions Man Utd in Summer 2016 after Van Gaal retired. Realistic? Perhaps not. But bear in mind that when I took over at Man Utd, in the interview I pretty much rolled over and let the Board do what they like - I chose the 'I can work on a much smaller budget' etc responses, so maybe I'm a sitting duck...
  13. Well, it worked. I raced through the end of the season on FMC, using 'Instant Result' with no match plan for each match. P12 W10 L2. The two I lost were mainly due to other factors: they were both one after the other, Chelsea first then Man City (both away games too) - two injuries during Chelsea match, weakened team for the Man City game. Great tactic after my previous tactic was ruined by the new patch! And I concur with burrows01 too - been playing since CM93, and feel exactly the same as you. I'm pretty much reliant on the work of others nowadays (apart from FM Handheld) as, quite honestly, the new FMs blow my mind when it comes to tactics. I don't have the free time that I used to to enjoy the game in full (hence playing FMC too) so I'm reliant and very grateful to all of those that share their tactics and ideas.
  14. Thanks for the tactic - trying it out now on my FMC save game with Liverpool, desperately trying to salvage a season started on the new patch! Will report back
  15. Just move the file from the 'Downloads' folder to the 'Tactics' folder in Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014. If 'Tactics' folder isn't there, just create a new folder called 'Tactics' and drop the download into it.
  16. You don't need a pack specifically for Mac, any face pack for PC works. You need to place them in Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 and then create a folder called 'Graphics' to put the downloaded pack in. Lots of good options out there, not sure I'm allowed to link on here though.
  17. It was bad. Clive Tyldesley who commentated wasn't it?
  18. I've tended not to use a specific match plan, and always tends to go well (or as expected...i.e a loss against better teams). Helps very much to have a great assistant manager I feel, as in games I've started in lower divisions, just using the default plan doesn't go so well!
  19. Just finished 13th as Spurs, so next time I undertake the challenge I think I'm going to go for a weaker team in the division I choose rather than one of the top half clubs.
  20. I've been here the twenty years - I was aged 6 playing the first CM! When I was in 18 and in Sixth Form (early 2004) I worked out that in those 18 years, approximately 2 full years of them had been spent playing CM/FM. I'm secretly quite proud of that fact... I also so vividly remember when my Dad brought CM1993 with the 1994 update disc boxset - it was the day that Virgin Megastores opened in Walsall, I can seriously remember every moment of that day. Still play CM1993/1994. Would so love to play 01/02 too but think that's not possible for Mac . And play other old-school manager games through Boxer, such as Premier Manager (remember the anti-piracy spinning wheel for that?!) and USM2.
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