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  1. Is it just me or the passive offside situations are broken in everyones saves? The ref calls offsides on players who are clearly passive in the situation
  2. Obviously a fair amount of people use OP tactics and transfer methods. But when 6/10 opposition team choose to play with 5 atb when I'm at home and they give up attacking in general, that's a bug for me. During the beta I didn't feel that kind of sense of achievement that i wanted, because I knew in advance that the opp will play like **** when they are not at home
  3. The best ME i have ever seen. It would be a shame if due to the too easy difficulty, we. couldn't enjoy it 100%.
  4. I managed to be unbeatean with real madrid in my first season (Including Champions league) Yeah sure managing real is not that hard but if it is that easy, than managing top clubs will be a suffering. It should be harder
  5. I just conceded a goal that was upheld after VAR reviewed whether it was offside or not. I couldn't believe my eyes. Would be great if it occured more, waiting for the confirmation not knowing whether it will stand or not would be pretty tense.
  6. Amazing ME. finally they dont keep missing 1on1s. Anyone knows why won't the window that shows the player attributes disappear when I go to the next player below (for example when scouting a list of players)?
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