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  1. Hi @arknight22. I'm not well versed on the XBOX version I'm afraid and so I will echo what @bluestillidie00 has said in that it is not currently possible to extract the game files and modify them. If, however, your game works with third party skins such as FME or indeed TCS, you can always find a skin that has already modified their staff panels and apply them as necessary. I would like to update staff panels within FME in the future, though with limited time and with the current season drawing to a close, further updates may well be saved for Football Manager 2022.
  2. Hi @JR866Gunner. I'm afraid I haven't experimented using my FME Player Profile within other skins. It may not work as intended as I have made modifications to one of the settings files found within the settings folder. The file is called 'fm-widgets settings.xml'. Without moving this settings file, there may be some unexpected consequences. Additionally, even if you do move it, it may clash with the other skins settings file and may not work as intended. For now, I would suggest you experiment as best you can and to keep a backup in case things go wrong. I hope to provide further updates
  3. Hi @JR866Gunner. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I'm away at the moment and don't have all my files, though I may be able to help somewhat. If you open up 'player overview panel.xml' you will find a section toward the bottom that I have titled '<!-- Smaller panels -->'. Under that section, there are three sub-sections with the first two titled '<!-- 4 small panels -->' and the subsequent section titled '<!-- 2 small panels and fitness-->'. You will notice that the horizontal adaptive containers that contain the information have priorities 1, 3 & 2: priori
  4. Unfortunately not @Ripamon. A benefit of the pandemic was extra time in which to code. Now that lockdown has ended once again, that time is no longer available to me. However, with a bit of luck and a few weekends here and there, I'll do my best to introduce new panels etc. If I am not able to do so before the release of FM22, I will keep the project alive and carry the progress over to the new title. The goal is to inspire SI enough to implement their own updates for future titles and renew a their very outdated panel design. Here's hoping FM22 takes note of the great work skinners have done
  5. Agreed. The reason for stripping everything back was so that all of the rushed work (introduced on demand) would be removed until refined. Sometimes less is more.
  6. That isn't part of this skin. This skin only modifies the Player Profile. No modifications have been made to the tactics screen.
  7. My apologies, the file was moved to another location. You should now be able to download the file
  8. Hi @Noscho, Aha I see the issue you have. The very reason I moved my project to these forums temporarily was so that these small oversights could be flagged before the skin is officially finalised and released. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. One of the reasons I did not notice is that I use an icon pack which puts a small white outline around each logo. This is very useful if you're swapping skins as it helps the logos stand out regardless. However, if you are using the default icons and would like to restore the colourful "ribbon" behind the logo, you can do so with th
  9. Hey @ticcolo, great work! I haven't used FM Touch before and so I'm not entirely sure where the problem has arisen. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the 'player overview panel.xml' as there is nothing within that code that would do that. However, ensure that in your 'skin_config.xml' there are the following lines: <flags id="parent" value="fmc-widgets" /> <boolean id="fmc_skin" value="true" /> The FM Touch skin is called 'fmc' and its parent is 'fmc-widgets' and not simply 'fm'. If you have used my 'skin_config.xml' file, you will need to make the appropriate correcti
  10. Hi @klaasjan, I will endeavour to remember your request for the future update. It should be a simple addition to display the "Judging Ability" and "Judging Potential" attributes for the corresponding scout/coach.
  11. Hi @florin.hangu, you can replace the following: <widget class="text" font="main menu" size="11" alignment="centre_x,centre_y,can_scale" wants_mouse_events="false" dont_give_default_focus="true" colour="secondary"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="10"/> <record id="object_property" get_property="titl" set_property="text"/> </widget> with: <widget class="person_button" font="main menu" size="11" alignment="centre_x,centre_y,can_scale" wants_mouse_events="false" dont_give_default_focus="true" colour="secondary"> <layo
  12. @Mcfc1894 Cheers pal. If you notice any abnormalities or bugs, just post them here and I'll do my best to sort them out when I can. @Cheez3y "Almost Perfect". I'll take that! Haha. There are certainly things that'd improve the overall experience and a lot more to come in the future hopefully. Even if things aren't quite ready in the near future, so long as Sports Interactive don't completely overhaul the design for FM22, the project can continue on for use in future titles. As it stands, I'm currently working on the Club Overview Panel in an attempt to match the fluidity and desig
  13. @BGN Apologies for my absence in the community over the past few months, as well as the shortcomings of FME v2.4. A duplicate ID kept the attributes table from working correctly. I have recently had time to revisit my project and have completely rebuilt FME so as to be lighter, more efficient and more useful.
  14. Cheers @wkdsoul. I still plan to incorporate the 'per 90' stats etc. I just haven't had the time to organise it properly and find a layout I am happy with for both outfield players and keepers. Thanks a lot @IamOverrated. Go for it. I have a working version but it's an old settings file from a previous version of FME that I wasn't entirely happy with. Feel free to share what you come up with in case others are interested also Thanks @kad38. I hope to work on a new dark version at some point. I created one in the past but I have discontinued it as I was not entirely happy with i
  15. FMEnhanced v3.0 Several months ago during the release of the BETA, I released a skin called FME (Football Manager Enhanced) which was intended to be an extension of what Sports Interactive provide as opposed to a complete overhaul. I intended to keep everything in keeping with the default look and feel of the game for a more seamless integration and ease of use. Upon release of FME, I received some wonderful feedback from users and fellow modders, though with limited time I was unable to keep up with demand for extra features/bug fixes etc. Having gained more time over the past month, I h
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