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  1. I believe this was a bug and permit shouldn’t of been awarded, but happy to be corrected
  2. Anyone got any feedback on Brexit since full release? - Any changes of note since the Beta?
  3. Is there any further feedback and testing with this file?
  4. Can I ask why there was a need to add / change teams?
  5. Do we know if this was actually an issue? - Should the player got a permit? Or was the issue with the wording / text, and it was correct the player got a work permit ? The below is taken from the thread ' [England] (Official) League Specific Issues ' To clarify on this, the bug here is the Reason text in general stating that wages are a factor. Wages are not taken into consideration with the new Brexit system - it is only the standing of said player's club & nation and the amount of games the player has played for them that are factors.
  6. Definitely mixed results! Would like my striker to score a few more but get goals from all over
  7. Thought I would share the below tactic, been testing in my Spurs save, in preparation for full release Villa save! - Have been having some very promising results!
  8. For now we have no choice, just a shame there is such a hard Brexit currently implemented in the game
  9. It’s good information! However good to see they share the same concerns in the last 2 paragraphs: The restriction of EU players is also likely to have a detrimental affect on the English Premier League from a commercial standpoint. With a more restrictive approach to European talent, we’re likely to see a decline in the standard of football in the Premier League. It is therefore likely that there will be considerable pressure from UK clubs on the Home Office and the FA to make the necessary concessions to allow for such recruitment to be as unfettered as possible.
  10. Yeah definitely is a bit unclear! The wording doesn’t make much sense
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