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  1. I guess if you loan players out it’s not an issue!
  2. I can’t see any attachment. is Tenerife B in a playable league?
  3. Thank you! - I would like to do a save with possibly Tenerife! Anyone know the best lower league spanish league database? - @Ewan0404 how many leagues have you loaded for your save
  4. I would like to start a save in Spain. However I’m concerned by the ‘B’ team format and not being able to develop my youngsters as successfully as an u23s setup. Any advice and experience with this?
  5. I added the PIs ‘dribble more’ and made the switch with my midfielders as mentioned above. Overall the team results are good, however the AM(C) only has 2 goals and 2 assists in 26 games. I would expect a higher output from him, just feel I’m missing that spark from this position
  6. Yeah that sounds like a good place to start. Will try an AF and go from there, just don’t want him to be too isolated! No PIs on him currently haha, definitely will be giving him the number 6 shirt, no idea why I’ve not done it yet!
  7. Hello, I have been having a large amount of success using the below 4-4-1-1 formation. The idea behind the tactic is to have 2 compact lines at the back and I have been defensively solid, and not overly complicate the attack, if I am struggling to break down teams, I normally go wider, increase the tempo and LOE. The main issue I have with the tactic is the lack of output from my attacking midfielders. I am in 2038 and therefore have a very strong squad, but I just cant get the correct combination from my AM and ST. This is my starting AM(C). In the current set-up
  8. I did think there was an unusual amount of left footed centre back new gens in my game
  9. I was using the same tactic you posted above. Looking back the AM probably lacked enough quality I then used a DLF(su), with a AP(A) behind him and an IW(A) on the left. The IW and DLF both scored 15 goals each I would like my striker to score a few more so going to try a PF(A) with the AM(su) behind him now I have slightly higher quality AM. I guess it’s just about finding the right balance overall!
  10. I guess the long throw trait makes sense, will give it some more time The come deep to get ball removal has failed 2-3 times?
  11. Hello, I seem to be having an issue with players not learning new traits / remove traits. I have attempted to train my left back to learn the long flat throw, but 2-3 times now it has not been successful. I am also trying to remove 'Comes deep to get the ball' from my winger. Screenshots are below! Is there anything else I should be doing to be successful?
  12. Looks good!! I would say that Mings is our BPD with the long balls into the left channel
  13. Hi Andrew, is there any further news on this?
  14. I’m just finding that my AM(su) gets very little goals / assists? any advice?
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