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  1. His date of birth is 30.11.1972 Maybe you could just swap them - Hrubesch as HoY and Marr as a Analyst? Because Hrubesch is a true legend for HSV, his role as a HoY is a very important
  2. Hamburger SV 1. Board Chairman - Marcell Jansen (correct) Board consist of Jonas Boldt (Sports Director) - correct Frank Wettstein (Financial Director) - missing https://www.hsv.de/unser-hsv/ueber-den-hsv/hsv-fussball-ag Bernd Wehmeyer is only a Club Manager, it is just a formal role, so I do not think you should put him in staff members list. 2. Scouting Team Chief-Scout - Michael Schroder (wrong ->> Claus Costa - Chief-Scout, Michael Schroder - scout) Werner Brocker - Scout (correct) Nuni Kucukovic - Scout (correct) Joshua
  3. Maybe it is better to set him as a managing director in Wurzburg, as far as I know he is living in Wurzburg and spend all his time in Germany rather than in Austria. https://www.world-today-news.com/magath-defends-coach-separations-in-wurzburg-sport-latest-news/
  4. I guess it is the same as in Wurzburg (board advisor). Actually he is a Global Sports Director of Flyeralarm Global Soccer https://flyeralarmadmira.at/felix-magath-wird-chef-von-flyeralarm-global-soccer/ Anyway I do not if it possible to put him to both clubs at the same time in FM21...
  5. I think it is important to add Felix Magath as a staff member to Wurzburg Kickers. Officially he is only a board advisor , however, he has huge influence on board decisions and already impacted on 2 manager changes in Wurzburg this season. According to his timeline, Felix Magath is a Managing Director of Wurzburg Kickers from 2020... (please check image attached). In Wurzburg staff it is not mentioned at all... P.S. in fact he is a board advisor of both Wurzburg and Admira Wacker.
  6. I guess you should change a financial status of Kaiserslautern... It should not be as "Okay" as in many other clubs of 3. Liga... In June they have declared insolvency, because club has debts of roughly €24millions. Only because of Covid, there will not be point deduction this season. https://fck.de/de/1-fc-kaiserslautern-gmbh-co-kgaa-wirtschaftliche-leistungsfaehigkeit-zuegig-wiederherstellen/ One month ago it was announced that a local company buy a share for 10 millions, anyway it should be reflected in the full release, please take a look.
  7. Some wonderkids are missing... That would be great if you could add them to database (some of them already have caps for german national team) Armindo Sieb - ST (17) - Bayern Munich https://www.transfermarkt.de/armindo-sieb/profil/spieler/569033 // https://www.dfb.de/datencenter/personen/armindo-sieb/spieler Nick Breitenbücher - ST (17) - Hoffenheim https://www.transfermarkt.de/nick-breitenbucher/profil/spieler/632150 // https://www.dfb.de/datencenter/personen/nick-breitenbuecher/spieler Turan Calhanoglu - ST (17) - Hoffenheim https://www.transfermarkt.de/turan-calhanoglu/prof
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