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  1. your latest team tactic 4-4-2.. can it be use in every levels??
  2. the striker in the middle in your last tactic what is the main attributs for him??
  3. Hi knap... I would like to test your latest 4-4-2 too =)) have a nice day
  4. Okay .. but it would be very nice of you to reload the player o filters .. It is all so quick to fix ... Very well done with tactics .. continue the good work
  5. Can someone reload the players filter links?? pls
  6. i have not test it... can you link it for me pls??
  7. i been playing in swedish allsvenskan with Goteborg.. and this tactic is sick.... heres my result first 10 games... awsome http://www.imagehost.se/visa?id=5tq62d63
  8. should i use oi´s in the latest tactic Yours and JPs tac_???
  9. helleo MR H... I just wonder.. should i use oi´s in the latest tactic Yours and JPs tac?? 4-1-2-3... I dident understand in your op.. thanks for great tactics mate... keep up the good work...
  10. Hello knap!! does you have any LLM tactics?? to 10.3 patch??
  11. i don´t get this.. why thos this tactic not working any time for me??
  12. the v6 is veryvery good.. play in sweden with göteborg and i win all matches only loos one game in league on 2 years Keep up the good work tyler bode
  13. i have test this tactic many times but i never get it going.. i cant see what i do wrong :S
  14. hello pointon. if you will and is a nice person i can test the tweaked... i pm you my msn adress..
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