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  1. Im pretty sure that has something to do with the resolution you play at. Smaller screens only show the manager and captains
  2. Fair enough I ****ed up. But the 1 team getting relegated is a one season only thing while the leagues transition
  3. Look at the table for the 3rd division this year. 3 teams get promoted (2 directly and one through playoffs) One gets relegated from the 2nd Division (usually 3 get relegated but this season they changed it to 1, just like the ekstraklasa where the league is getting expanded). That's 2 more teams in the league next season than they have now
  4. I was selecting the squads for the intra squad friendly and everytime i clicked on a player to drag him onto the other team or switch positions it would jump back to the top and i would have to scroll back down again. Im playing on a rather small screen, I think that on a regular monitor there would be no need to scroll as the entire squad would fit on the sceen.
  5. Some tweaks for Korona Kielce that should be implemented: Grzegorz Piechna (ex player) should be a club icon if not a legend. He's a fan favourite, the league top scorer for our first season in the top flight. He is loved by the fans. 100% Legend status. Jacek Kielb (player still at the club) is an easy club ikon, he's on this 12th season at the club, current club captain, he's the second highest goal scorer in the teams history. Again loved by the fans. Pawel Golanski, Kamil Kuzera, Maciej Korzym (ex players) are also players I would place in the icon category. Less important t
  6. Yes. Amer Halilic is the guy from the save who comes up like that, I also got a CB on trial and it showed me him as a RB http://www.mediafire.com/file/mqzyz71xi00v5p6/last_save_overwrite_backup.fm/file here is the mediafire link becasue the save file is too big to upload here
  7. Yes, that's the one I mean. Thanks a lot. Its getting expanded just like the ekstraklasa from next season
  8. Some of the positions for Korona Kielce players are wrong. Zvonimir Petrovic is a central midfielder not a CAM or Left winger Emile Thiakane is a striker not a CM/CAM Piotr Basiuk is a CM not a winger Jacek Podgorski is more universal along the right wing. He has been playing as a RB and RW
  9. When you get a player on trial the description under the stars is a different position than the one the player plays. When ou click on his name it highlights that position straight away despite the player not being able to play it
  10. In the Polish 2nd division the rules for the next season are wrong. Because this season is a transition period the rules from the 20/21 season will be different. The league will consist of 20 teams (18 this season, 1 gets relegated to 3rd tier and 3 get promoted from the 3rd tier so 20 from the next season) and the bottom 3 will get relegated from 20/21 onwards. At the moment this is not implemented and from the 20/21 season the rules stay the same
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