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  1. Since the Winter Update, every goal replay starts at the lowest speed so it looks like it's frozen. Also when I skip the replay it takes more time than normal to get rid of it. I tried to adjust it at the hightlights settings in the top right corner, which didn't work. Also tried to fix it in the Home menu, and set the bar to the far right to make it as fast as posible but as standard when you adjust your settings in the Home menu it will be resetted when you start a new save game so that didn't work as well. Does someone has a fix for this or is this something SI need to look into?
  2. Don't get this order either, but as I understand it from some YouTubers and other players on this forum this needs to be way your manager sees the players from the dugout. But then it still be wrong because in one half your DR will indeed be in front of you but in the second half he will be on the other side of the pitch, so it's very weird indeed. Also I want to add that I hate this years match screen, the players bar at the bottom is confusing and also it doesn't have a real function besides telling you how the players feel. Furthermore the tactics corner is stupid. The way this screen
  3. Since I'm inspecting the whole PSV staff for some minor fixes, I mabye have some suggestions in case you guys overlooked them: Rene Dannenburg (Head of Fysio) is no longer at PSV (source: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/rené-dannenburg-b9370013) (he is also not mentioned on the whole PSV website) Tim Wolf (First team coach) is actually Assistent Manager at PSV U18 (https://www.psv.nl/jeugd/teams/team/psv-jo18-1-2020-2021.htm#players-955277) Toon Gebrands (President) is not really the President of PSV but more like Edwin van der Sar in real life and in game a Director (in Dutch we say
  4. I see this issue also a lot of times. My guess is that there is a typo in the code, can this be or has this been fixed?
  5. Hahahaha, but I wasn't wrong hey This is great news to hear! I guess thanks for pushing effort towards the department to get this fixed!
  6. In the regular database Martin Jol (Ado Den Haag) is set as a Director, but in real life he is the so called "Head of Technical Heart" which could be translated to Director of Football since he does hire managers and signs players. Therefore I would recommend to change his role to be the Director of Football for Ado Den Haag. (source: https://adodenhaag.nl/nl/club/organisatie/technisch-hart) Also one extra question, I know this has been asked a lot on this forum and in this topic specificly, but is it for sure that the U18 staff for all Dutch clubs (excluding Ajax ofcourse) will be fixed
  7. I don't know what to think about FM21 this year. In some sense I like the game, it feels faster and de 3D engine looks smoother (although I don't really care, I play in 2D). But there are way more things I don't like. For example the screen in between the highlights (with the tablet, dugout and the player bar at the bottom), it is so unclear in my opinion. I can't even see if a player is injured. I have to go down at the bottom left to pop up the tactics screen to see it. That's not realitisc. If I'm supposed to see my players emotions from the side (which in my opinon is also unrealistic
  8. Hope this gets fixed indeed. Can we expect a hotfix coming soon?
  9. FC Twente: - Sinds dit seizoen is Nick Segers de conditietrainer bij het eerste elftal en volgens mij werkt Arnold Newby er niet meer - Jan Streuer zou ik eerder als Directeur Voetbalzaken in het spel zetten dan als Technisch Directeur aangezien hij grotendeels heeft meegeholpen om de transfers te realiseren en een Technisch Directeur in FM is gelimiteerd tot personeel en kan geen spelers kopen/verkopen - Ook kloppen sommige rugnummers nog niet Bronnen: https://www.transfermarkt.nl/fc-twente-enschede/mitarbeiter/verein/317 https://www.fctwente.nl/teams/eerste-sele
  10. Om hier nog wat aan toe te voegen: Yannick van der Schee is nu een conditietrainer bij het eerste elftal van PSV. Ook zie ik dat Bas Roorda nu als trainer in het spel staat aangegeven terwijl hij in het echt teammanager is. Daarnaast heeft PSV ook geen O19 meer maar is dit de O18 geworden. Verder vind ik ook dat misschien de Natuurlijke Fitheid van Dumfries (5) en Romero (12) omgewisseld mogen worden: ik heb altijd het idee dat Dumfries twee wedstrijden van 90 minuten achter elkaar kan volmaken, terwijl het bij Romero eerder de vraag is of hij na één wedstrijd al niet geble
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