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  1. Hi Tony, sorry I meant to get back to you yesterday, It turns out it was the custom skin I'm using that caused the issue, I have since downloaded an updated one and it works fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience
  2. yes, Geoff Gayton, playing as Arsenal, the meeting in question contained 4 players whining about me transfer listing Ainsley Maitland-Niles all because he wanted a new contract for 235k a week and I declined... he's not worth that much especially in the 2nd season where he didn't play a huge amount in the 1st season.
  3. I just uploaded it to that support link you sent, at least I hope it went through? I just had another meeting with some disgruntled players and it did it again, I saved it right beforehand so you can see what happens
  4. I'll upload my save if it happens again, I have to holiday a day to get past them otherwise it locks the game up, but I'll be sure to send the save file when I get to my next team meeting.
  5. It seems that every time I hold a team meeting I can't exit the team meeting screen afterwards to continue on with it.
  6. I've unchecked the types of emails I don't wish to see in my inbox in-game and clicked confirm, then moved on a day and checked and they're all checked again.
  7. When addressing the players after a game I've essentially got the same responses to choose from twice just worded differently. Apologies if there's already a thread for this issue but I couldn't see one.
  8. I forgot to take screenshots of this but I asked for additional coaches for my under 18's and after pleading with the board they agreed however when I checked there wasn't an additional coaching vacancy added to my U18's therefore I had a full quota.
  9. What's the _ about? Just had it on every question asked to me in a post match interview.
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/08/19/rise-vinai-venkatesham-how-former-oil-trader-became-arsenal-leader/#:~:text=Following Sanllehi's sudden exit last,the age of just 39.
  11. Vinai Venkatesham's (Arsenal's DoF) age is wrong, he's only 39 not 55 as the game suggests at the start.
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