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  1. Also when you click on the info icon it states that we only reached the first round, even though we entered the competition at round 2 as shown below
  2. I've just been knocked out of the FA trophy in the 3rd round and my club vision expectation was to get to round 2. When I go to the club vision it says that I failed to meet the requirements. See Screenshots below: Have uploaded saved games before and after Before: Andrew Mckellar - Unemployed 3 (v02) After: Andrew Mckellar - Unemployed 3
  3. I've uploaded a save file, name: Andrew Mckellar - Unemployed 2 In the save I'm not St Albans manager anymore but Reece was still playing for them last time I checked
  4. I've just signed Reece Miller from Aldershot and apparently during the 22/23 season he made 74 league appearances in the Conference National, see screen shot below
  5. According to my fixture schedule, screenshot below, I'm due to play Hampton and Richmond twice on the same day
  6. It's happening in the main game too, I'm an unemployed, unqualified Sunday League Footballer and I've just been asked about the Huddersfield job. Also finding I'm getting interviews at clubs higher than I would expect for my ability and reputation to be approached by, such as Scottish Championship clubs (Arbroath)
  7. @Thomas Hardy, just happened again with a trial for Lee Novak, saved game title Andrew Mckellar - Unemployed - FM Bug 5.fm, just uploaded the day before his trial comes to an end
  8. I've uploaded a save from when Bobby Thomas signed for me on transfer deadline day Andrew Mckellar - Unemployed - FM Bug 4.fm
  9. I've had a couple of occasions of this now, taken a player on trial, decided not to sign them but on the day the trial ends the press call asking why it didn't work out before the player leaves the club
  10. I've got this with a player I've loaned in as well, loaned in to play central defender with role of defend, which is where he's played 18 games but he is unhappy as playing in a weak position and Sean Dyche keeps calling to complain about it
  11. @Daniel Wells, just an update on this one, I've finished the whole season. Had interviews before and after Scunthorpe home and away and one before a home game against bolton but other than a few press questions on transfer deadline day that was all i had for the first 9 months in charge
  12. Hi Dan, no afraid not, the autosave over wrote the other two files. I also got one before and after the Scunthorpe game but I'm not another 3 games on and haven't had any more since, so other than the new job interview and the Scunthorpe game i've only done 3 press conferences in just under a month and a half and having managed 9 games
  13. I've now played 4 games in a row and not had any press conferences before or after any of the matches. Would assume that there should have been one before and after every game
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