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  1. I guess nothing. We are in same situation and everyone in SI is not moving a finger to do anything about this program. I guess it's already dead and sites in that list are just a historical perspective. Pity though
  2. But I wish it was. The same as taking free kick from inside a goal area. Should be taken from edge of the box, not from the foul spot. This rule also isn't implemented, although I posted it in bugs forums 6 years ago... sigh...
  3. Any my god why 20% if regens in any country except Spanish/Japan/whatever-non-whites are bald? IS really the mood of shaving every 15-16 years old coming to here? Bald teens in secondary schools. Poor view
  4. I suggested it for 2005, 2006 and 2007 and still nothing, so I will give it a try: Testimonial Games for players going to retire and playing their last game (friendly)
  5. My requests for FM 2008: Match Engine: - Abandon match when less than 7 players on pitch, it SHOULD be, even if it is really really rare. But when it happens, it will be like real game. - Bring back match postponement on match day due to bad weather conditions (big rainfall = mud or lots of snow) - Less stupidity of last defender who often try to head the ball when they are alone and fell over due to missing the ball = the attacker gets the ball and is one on one News: More news on group drawns of ie. Champions League or UEFA Cup like: Group A has been touted as a group of death, where Manchester United and FC Barcelona were drawn alongside Werder Bremen and FC Porto. Clash between first two teams will be a revenge on last years semi-final, where Barcelona have won 3-1 afte rextra time. Last years winner, Chelsea London has been drawn with Deportivo, FC Kobenhavn and Lokomotiv, which makes them an easy pretendents for qualifying, although in previous meeting on (DATE) Chelsea only drawn with Lokomotiv 0:0 away from home. Some other big clashes are going to be played in groups E and G where Bayern vs Inter and Real Madrid vs Milan will be played respectively. .... more to go
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