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  1. This has been happening for many FM's now where your player runs the ball out of play with literally no one around him. Please fix it it's quite irritating
  2. United lost 0-5 but it shows that they won.
  3. I agree with this totally. Don't know how possible it would be though.
  4. · Make career earnings actually have value in the game - Purchasing clothes, spending money on holidays etc. (Can be turned off in settings) · Don’t spoil VAR decisions - Currently when you score a tight offside goal and the box doesn’t show up with the goal scorer then you know its offside before it is reviewed. Additionally, when VAR goes to review a push in the area 100% of the time it is given as a penalty. · Make more offside goal reviews be allowed – 99.9% of the time a review for an offside goal is disallowed. Add some diversity and have some goals be allowed by VAR · Add warm ups before a player is subbed on and if they don’t warm up it can slightly increase the chance of injury · Agree contract with player’s camp before discussing with club. · Add set-piece coach role · Add more contract bonuses · Add new players traits such as shirt pulling etc.
  5. I feel as if the AI in this can do what they want, they can literally cross the ball right into my box and practically go right through my defenders, if one of my players do it its 90% of the time deflected off a defender and out for a corner. You'll say how its my player's attributes but no I have seen it happen to others using teams like Barcelona, Man United, Chelsea, Juventus that have amazing players. This needs to be fixed.
  6. The player decided to pass the ball to the half way line instead of backheeling it into the goal and scoring. This game....
  7. I think to resemble reality a bit more, players should receive a booking for time wasting.
  8. A confirmation button similar to that of the one to confirm a sub that the assistant suggested but instead used for sending the keeper up for a corner. Make it so it doesn't have to wait to confirm the change.
  9. This game seriously needs to be fixed. A **** ton of bugs and now my game is frozen on this screen.... Please hurry and answer if there is a way to fix this
  10. Before the game updated from beta I could send me assistant, now I cant
  11. When subbing on a player the team talk before getting them on doesn't change their body language.
  12. In the Ukraine Premier League rules it has the transfer window as Monday 1st January 1900. It shows when I click on the "Next season" button in the rules. For the current season it's fine though
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