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  1. This may have been posted elsewhere, but I can't find it and I'm pulling my hair out. I'm 3.5 seasons into playing as Dorking Wanderers and my board expect me to develop players using the youth system. They are very disappointed and I've no idea why. The description of the expectation in the club vision section is that club trained players become active members of the first team, well I have 25 players in my first team squad, 10 of which are from my academy and are mostly playing very regularly, I also give occasional sub appearances to youth/U23 players (I can't start them, they're
  2. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this topic but I can't swap my players out of my team, it flickers to suggest a change but the visual doesn't change. The tactical familiarity seems to change to reflect the swaps, so it seems to just be a visual issue. I've uploaded the save file to the portal, it's called: Spurs pre-match bug.fm
  3. Harrison Reed moved to Fulham from Southampton, but he is included in the Tottenham transfer clauses as owed to them. I didnt upload a save file as it is something that is included from the start of the game
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