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  1. You guys also said there wasn't a problem when it was first brought up, so sorry if I take your "it's fixed" with a grain of salt. And do you seriously prefer that feedback on issues to be dumped into the great big, FM13 feedback thread? I can only assume that they internal name you have for that thread is the "too hard pile" since there's no way you can quickly look any any posts relating to any specific issue when they are all clumped together in there, and instead just want ones that you can't be bothered dealing with hidden away.
  2. Could someone post a list of the topics related to the game that are not allowed to be discussed? Obviously tax is one of them, since any mention of it results in the thread being locked and the person being directed to the patch notes that provide all the information that they need. Clearly we need to take it on faith that when SI says something is fixed there will be no further issues about it. God forbid if anyone wants to discuss the issue, compare results from their games to ensure that it is fixed, discuss whether they have applied the proper fix, or if it's still an issue, or anything
  3. Enough with the locking of threads that is dealing with an issue that has a lot of customers concerned, especially when you've made it clear you won't answer it other threads. So how was tax fixed? Is it save game compatible and if so, does it work retroactively, so I get a nice fat tax return from all the extra's that I've paid? Or will it just stop happening going forward and what's gone is gone. Is it better to start a new long term save?
  4. away from main computer atm but I'll post the screenshots of my financials that I saved in the bug thread. Definitely looks like the tax bug though since in the most recent season I paid 160m in tax.
  5. Looks like SI don't think it's a problem, so guess it's going to be months before they are forced to admit they were wrong and get it fixed. Guess I'll finish up this save game at the end of the season since the game isn't playable in it's current state.
  6. Can anyone tell me how I can work out why I'm losing money and how to fix it? I'm currently coming to the end of the 2019 season, playing as liverpool. Early on I was making profits, but the last 2 seasons have posted massive losses. My transfers is always a net positive, sometimes but 10's of millions. My wage is sitting under 80m from a wage budget of 180m. Bank loan is still just 37m, with 220k monthly repayments. No major works like a stadium being built, and all my facility upgrades have been relatively cheap, under 5m. Yep last season I had 30m loss, and this season I'm sitting on 50
  7. Henderson develops into a decent player, so he's worth keeping around if you're not able to get a great price for him.
  8. Can anyone point me to the list of unlocks and what you need to do to unlock them. thanks. ps that info should be listed on the steam achievement page imo
  9. Figured it wasn't worth making a new thread for my question. Does anyone know if achievements work in steam's offline mode? ie, when you go back online than any you get will be synched? Or do you need to online at the time you get the achievement for them to work.
  10. Talk about highs and lows with Season 9. My goal was to stay up and feared that I wouldn't be able to, so didn't sign any new players so I wouldn't be saddled with their high wages when I went back down. Instead my team of D2ers, and a few who were with me from D3, made a blistering start and we went into the winter break in 6th position and I had dreams of Euro qualification in my first season. Those hopes were soon quashed when the season resumed and I went a massive losing spree, dropping down the table. At one point I was sitting at 15th, just outside relegation playoff, but managed a
  11. Too much apparently! TBh, I don't spend too much time analysing things, so I have it going while doing other things. I got luck with creating a tactic that seems to work well enough, so its just a matter of checking players performance to see if any need to be changed, but that's needed even less since I started my rotation system. Steam tells me I've got 84 hours played time on it so far, so looks like 10 hours a season. Wonder how much quicker it would be if I was playing FMC since that is what they said their aim was for time / season.
  12. Not really sure what to post in terms of giving helpful advice, but here's a quick update. Season 6 and 7 continued pretty well. Changed my focus to more of a producing club, so I used a high rotation of players to everyone got good game time, which kept them happy and they developed well. Stayed comfortably in the top half without ever really challenging for promotion. Been making profits most year, so pushed to get training and youth training upgraded, as well as a small stadium expansion which hardly seemed worth (15k to 16.5k). Season 8 though, I think my rotation had paid off since my y
  13. Yeah, that's great advice. Big worry is that I know have 3 players worth over 1m, a fortune compares to the mostly 100-300k the rest are worth, so it would be hard to hold onto them if a big offer comes in (2.5m+), both in terms of them wanting to leave and me wanting the cash! Hopefully no one wants to buy them.
  14. Update: After some harrowing moments I avoided relegation in season 4, and even made it to 13th (of 18), so quite comfortable. I was hoping to cement my place in D2 in season 5. Instead I found myself flying high and coming 2nd going into the winter break. Sadly, one of my more promising players got injured for 3 months, and while I didn't think he was vital to our success, it seems he was since I went on a massive slump that only stopped when he returned. By then it was too late and I finished 4th, just outside the play off place. Now I'm stuck in that annoying situation of whether I sho
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