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  1. Good find that! I was looking for an article which talked about which foot he preferred for ages. That'll be a lifesaver in the release database when I inevitably restart
  2. Yeah. I've been meaning to go back to FM19 and 17 and see if it's the same on those. It's possible he does have a left foot preference, but unless SI can sort out the cutting back thing he does (which I've never noticed him doing in real life), it's more realistic for him to be right footed in game. Or have both feet as V.strong
  3. Yeah, that helped, but didn't really solve it. He drifts wide and then just dinks it behind him and tries to whip it in off his left. The fact that 85% of my crosses get blocked anyway is another issue altogether...
  4. Slightly different issue with CAFC than the finances In game, Chris Gunter is listed as having a V.strong left foot and a fairly strong right foot, but I think those should be reversed as he has always played as a right back I only raise the issue as it leads to him constantly cutting back onto his left foot to cross, and more often than not gets tackled while he's doing this, which is insanely frustrating.
  5. Charlton Athletic Incorrect Squad numbers: -Jake Forster-Caskey should be 8 not 20 -Alex Gilbey should be 11 not 8 See: https://www.cafc.co.uk/team -Kasim Aidoo should be 49 not 27 -Dylan Glavin should be 52, not unassigned See: https://twitter.com/CAFCofficial/status/1326223355712856066 (I'll let you guys off the last two as the game released about 3 hours after this game kicked off) Thanks for all you hard work!
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