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0 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. yes, I am confused also. I am responsible for all trnsfers in my club. And just one day I saw that player was sold.. Like how ?? wierd
  2. @HUNT3R yes, I know that. But how can they buy them now , in January . Other clubs also bought 2 of my players which have contract active ( 6 months or more)
  3. Hi all, I just noticed wierd bug. Everyone can buy players from me, even if it is have 2 y remaining of contract. Reason for buying : end of contract Is it normal ? I dont think so xD
  4. Great to see that. I am also managing Liverpool
  5. Ok, thanks for that info. Will keep an eye on this, in the meantime I will switch to Windows
  6. Game starts, first screen appears but after few seconds it quit Manjaro linux, latest Proton
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