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  1. In my game it says a million. Good that it is fixed then.
  2. Dortmund's physio Thorben Voeste has an annual salary of 1 million.
  3. Few other Bundesliga suggestions: FC Koln: - Backup goalkeeper, Ron-Robert Zieler, is set as First-Choice GK even though he is a backup for them. That was communicated upon his signing and it was also proved as the season continued. - Benno Schmitz is a regular starter even though they do not count on him that much in this season. Should be a squad player. Kingsley Ehizibue is their starting DR so he could be changed to regular starter. - Christian Clemens should not be a squad player since he has not played a single minute this season for Koln's first team, he is playing in their sec
  4. I have some Borussia Dortmund suggestions: - Mats Hummels prefers to play on the right in a two-man pairing even though he's played on the left for most of his career so I think it should be set to left or at least make him have have no side preference at all. - Lukasz Piszczek should at least be competent at playing DC since he's played in that role 24 times (in a 3-man pairing on the right) since november last year. (Someone else suggested it already) Also, he should not be competent at playing on the left side, especially not ML and AML positions. I cannot remember him playing a minu
  5. Sancho has a contract until 2022. and it should be until 2023.
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