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  1. Not much of a participant, but I have to comment to say this is one of the finest football manager pieces I have ever read. And written by a fellow Ger to boot :-)
  2. Thanks for the reply. Do you know how? Or is there a place where I can find out?
  3. Hi there, massive noob with the editor, so was wondering if someone on here could help. I want to play an EPL save in which all clubs have to stick to certain rules regarding Home Grown and Under 21 players. 1. No less than 5 U21 HG players in a competitive match squad 2. No less than 2 U21 HG players in the starting line up 3. No less than 5 HG players (any age) in the starting line up Is there a way to edit such rules into the game so that every club has to stick to it? Thanks.
  4. Literally, and without a single shadow of a doubt, THE best thread that has ever been written on this forum (and there has been a hell of a lot - a good share from yourself Cleon). The detail regarding Ajax' youth system is literally incredible reading. The fact you included 20 odd drills is just an absolute bonus. The detail you have provided within the actual game itself is incredible. I am literally in awe, I don't hide it. No but's, if's or maybe's - most definitely the best thread that has ever been written. Wonderful wonderful wonderful thread. I do not post much - but quite frankly, it would be rude not to tell you how good this is.
  5. How is everyone doing so far - anyone got far in this save? Personally I have done relatively poorly - found this year harder than most. Which is refreshing for sure. Forced to think about things in more detail instead of palying in auto-pilot almost. Played 1 and a half seasons so far - finished 3 points behind Toulouse in the first season, and currently find myself 8 points behind in February in the 2nd season. Although I do feel the team are playing better football, and have a quiet confidence that I can claw those points back. I have been through several formations within this time (having had the master tinkering message twice lol) however I think I am settling on an asymetrical 4-2-3-1 formation. I am aiming to achieve a posessionally dominating passing game that create more 3+ CCC per game. Its hard work, and im not entirely sure i'll get there before I am sacked! (I haven't even won a cup yet because I was using those games for squad players and youths - french league is much harder than I anticipated). On the plus side, I have just drawn against Barca away from home in the 1st stage knockout of the CL using a boxed 5-2-2(amc)-1 formation with a sweeper man marking messi solely. Transfer activity has been pretty active in this time I guess. Major signings (through memory as I am not on my personal computer at the moment) have been: Boschetti (sp) - Italian SW/DC Contreaou (sp) - Real Madrid LB Cani - Great defensive mid imo Nainch....something or other - Great all round midfielder (bargain I IIRC) Nani - meh, bought him because he requested transfer and my director of sport bid for him Jadson - the older attacking mid (not the youngster mentioned in the thread earlier) Anderson - same reason as Nani Probably more but I can't think at the moment. I got rid of, most notably, Menez ( i was playing a narrow formation for a long while and he was getting restless) and will be losing the likes of sissoko & Bodmer et all at the end of this season as they don't figure in my plans. To sum up - a very challenging, but hopefully rewarding game. Long way of comfortably challenging for the CL (which isn't good enough considering its my 2nd season imo)
  6. This is a VERY good question imo - any help? Sorry if I missed the answer already though.
  7. Ahh, apologies about that. No malice intended, cheers for changing it. Ok doke, will do. Just one question on that then - I haven't really posted diagrams before - how would I go about posting a picture direct from dropbox as a picture rather than a link to a picture if you get me?
  8. Hi Guys, I want to create a tactic that includes the following positional roles in the one formation: Wing back, Anchorman/DM, inside forward, APM(in the hole) I am thinking the following formation: ------------------------AF(offset one notch to the right) IF(a)----------AM(S)------------- ---------APM(S)-------DPM(s) ---------------AM/DM(d)-------------WB(a) FB/WB(s)------CB(d)--------CB© The inspiration behind this idea is simply to use all my favourite positional players at once, to accommodate all my best players. I would love your input into this, and how you could see this working, and even your opinion on how best to construct it. I would like to see possession build up similar to Barcelona - i.e never just sacrificing possession of the ball, possession is king with a patient build up to the final 3rd, but with a killer edge as we get further up the park. Ideally I would like the forward to not just be rigid in his position one notch to the right, although the thinking of having him there is to allow space for either the IF or AM to move into when attacking, as well as adding a passing option to the WB on the right. What is your vision for such a tactic? Could you make something like this work - utilising all the possible attacking options those guys offer.
  9. To be honest - don't post much myself, but in my first season - I find this was happening to me ALOT. I mean alot, as in, every single time. I tried to look at ways of remedying it, because it just wasn't realistic, and I thought it must have something to do with my set up. Now I am not so sure, and I just hope its possibly been flagged up as a possible bug.
  10. Not to bug you bud....any update?
  11. Samba - could you provide a screen shot of this 3-4-3 formation along with team instructions and anything else you may have picked up about the tactic when you get a chance. Creating my own version of a 3-4-3 myself and your stats impressed me. Also - do you use similar tactic away from home? In my save I managed Sheff Wednesday for 4 years, getting them to the premiership and securing a 6th place finished in the final season aswell as a Uefa cup win after winning the league cup the year before. Barcelona's manager, Arsene Wenger, retired so I cheekily applied for the Barca job, and in a complete shock - got it. I have never won a league title - and aim to obviously change that in my time with Barca - while the 3-4-3 was a little frustrating with Sheff Wed - I think it could be awesome with Barca.
  12. But the OP has an £800m bank balance. Loan unnecessary.