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  1. Hi Ben, I have just come across this skin which appears allows you to play the game without knowing the exact attributes of each play, more just their range. Can I ask, how do you do this? It looks lovely and i've toyed with this previously on an FM 19 save but this looks even better?
  2. That's great to hear, looking forward to your decision! (Go with the heart...). Let me know if you want any help with the excel in the future.
  3. Also, with regards to the random generating method, since you have graciously given up your time to write up your career, I thought I'd take the time out and pull together an excel version of a random generator for club and country that would do the same trick as what you do, although with a few short cuts (Like rounds, rather than one by one elimination) which should save a great deal of time. Basically you list all the countries down the left hand side that you are willing to manage in (I have listed a random 20 at the moment and based it on that). I then take it to 15 (Highlighted in yellow) using a Random number generator and then ranking those random numbers - the first 15 numbers by rank are the countries taken forward. I then repeat this step for 6 then 3 then last 1. If you follow the excel formulas, you can create your own similar with a larger number of countries. If not, if you are happy to forward me a list of all the countries on an excel, I will happily provide an excel to you with as many rounds as you want (i.e down to 40 from 51, then 30 from 40, then 20 from 30 and so on). You can do this with clubs, you would just manually input all the clubs on the left hand side and go from there. NOTE: Every time you do something on the spreadsheet and then click enter - new numbers are generated, so you can't do this round to round unfortunately, you would just click it once and then scroll through each round so an element of self discipline would be required. It would cut the time it takes down to a minimum, but you may like the suspense of eliminating 1 country at a time. Some people may like the outcome, some people may like the journey. I have tried to combine both but some things have to give. Random League Generator - Football Manager.xlsx
  4. I comment very rarely on this site - but I just want to say that this is one of the most enjoyable FM careers I have ever read. You're writing skills and content (including the speed) have been thoroughly enjoyable. I came across this thread yesterday and have been reading it ever since in 3 sittings, I'm actually very gutted that it's near the end, and that you have seem a little de-motivated by the last club. You have inspired me personally to start a save off like this (With your random generator method) and go from there. FWIW - I believe you are far from finished here. I'm was never convinced that Liverpool would have been your final club tbh. Juventus bored you as it was too easy, I think two more seasons with Liverpool would have resulted in that and you would have moved elsewhere eventually - so now you have the added benefit of an extra couple of years with your final club. Whatever your final club is, and I sincerely hope you finish what you started; go with your heart. That's the only way you'll really enjoy the rest of this save. Forget your pros and cons, just go with your gut and heart and you'll end up with the right club. If you are out of a job for 4 months and a club comes in for you but you that just isn't sitting right and you have even just an inkling of doubt - leave it! You'll find somewhere and you have the potential to end this save with a bang! Good luck.
  5. You're a top man BR. Does he have his previous stat history logged on the history tab?
  6. Can someone do me a favour please. Rangers fan who is excited about the Carlos Pena signing. I'm told he's a strong, commanding, hard working centre mid and I can see his goalscoring record is exceptional for a midfielder. Can someone with the Mexican league loaded up send me a screenshot of his stats and any other screens worth looking at? Also - is he a random attribute starter or fixed?
  7. Not much of a participant, but I have to comment to say this is one of the finest football manager pieces I have ever read. And written by a fellow Ger to boot :-)
  8. Thanks for the reply. Do you know how? Or is there a place where I can find out?
  9. Hi there, massive noob with the editor, so was wondering if someone on here could help. I want to play an EPL save in which all clubs have to stick to certain rules regarding Home Grown and Under 21 players. 1. No less than 5 U21 HG players in a competitive match squad 2. No less than 2 U21 HG players in the starting line up 3. No less than 5 HG players (any age) in the starting line up Is there a way to edit such rules into the game so that every club has to stick to it? Thanks.
  10. Literally, and without a single shadow of a doubt, THE best thread that has ever been written on this forum (and there has been a hell of a lot - a good share from yourself Cleon). The detail regarding Ajax' youth system is literally incredible reading. The fact you included 20 odd drills is just an absolute bonus. The detail you have provided within the actual game itself is incredible. I am literally in awe, I don't hide it. No but's, if's or maybe's - most definitely the best thread that has ever been written. Wonderful wonderful wonderful thread. I do not post much - but quite frankly, it would be rude not to tell you how good this is.
  11. How is everyone doing so far - anyone got far in this save? Personally I have done relatively poorly - found this year harder than most. Which is refreshing for sure. Forced to think about things in more detail instead of palying in auto-pilot almost. Played 1 and a half seasons so far - finished 3 points behind Toulouse in the first season, and currently find myself 8 points behind in February in the 2nd season. Although I do feel the team are playing better football, and have a quiet confidence that I can claw those points back. I have been through several formations within this time (having had the master tinkering message twice lol) however I think I am settling on an asymetrical 4-2-3-1 formation. I am aiming to achieve a posessionally dominating passing game that create more 3+ CCC per game. Its hard work, and im not entirely sure i'll get there before I am sacked! (I haven't even won a cup yet because I was using those games for squad players and youths - french league is much harder than I anticipated). On the plus side, I have just drawn against Barca away from home in the 1st stage knockout of the CL using a boxed 5-2-2(amc)-1 formation with a sweeper man marking messi solely. Transfer activity has been pretty active in this time I guess. Major signings (through memory as I am not on my personal computer at the moment) have been: Boschetti (sp) - Italian SW/DC Contreaou (sp) - Real Madrid LB Cani - Great defensive mid imo Nainch....something or other - Great all round midfielder (bargain I IIRC) Nani - meh, bought him because he requested transfer and my director of sport bid for him Jadson - the older attacking mid (not the youngster mentioned in the thread earlier) Anderson - same reason as Nani Probably more but I can't think at the moment. I got rid of, most notably, Menez ( i was playing a narrow formation for a long while and he was getting restless) and will be losing the likes of sissoko & Bodmer et all at the end of this season as they don't figure in my plans. To sum up - a very challenging, but hopefully rewarding game. Long way of comfortably challenging for the CL (which isn't good enough considering its my 2nd season imo)
  12. This is a VERY good question imo - any help? Sorry if I missed the answer already though.
  13. Ahh, apologies about that. No malice intended, cheers for changing it. Ok doke, will do. Just one question on that then - I haven't really posted diagrams before - how would I go about posting a picture direct from dropbox as a picture rather than a link to a picture if you get me?
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