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  1. Is there a mirror for the Extreme version?
  2. I don't know what I'm doing wrong to make me not have the success everyone else is having. Are all these results post patch?
  3. Just started a new game with Leeds. Who are the best youngsters that are already at the club?
  4. Hello. I'm currently in the process of adding staff histories in my game. I'm wondering if anybody knows of any way to add a national team in the Non-Player History section. It seems to only let you select clubs. If anybody knows the answer, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. So in a gloriously hilarious twist of fate, my Editor decides to crash mid-save a mere TWO DAYS before the transfer window closes, completely nullifying the countless hours spent updating transfers over the last few months. Needless to say I am beyond p*ssed, so I turn to you in a vague attempt to ratify my situation. I'm sure I am not the only person who updates the transfers as £0 Future Transfers (ie. David Bentley would join Tottenham for £0 on July 1st 2008). The problem is I have yet to find a proper update that does this. Does anybody know of one or does anybody have their own personal DB that they could send me? I've downloaded the Weegie Updates which are excellent and will be used if necessary but as I said they update everything from the very start of the game. If anybody has an update like I mentioned I would be incredibly grateful. Cheers.
  6. Editor not loading - please help!

    Oh. My. God. 2 days before the transfer window closes! You have got to be kidding me!! How would I find a backup on my computer? Please tell me you know somebody who has a transfer update (preferably one where they are all £0 Future Transfers)!
  7. While saving my data the Editor crashed mid-save. Now when I try and load the database an error comes up saying that it failed to load. Does anybody know why this is, and if there is any way to recover the data? I had saved fine earlier on, so there wasn't that many changes that will have been lost. Any suggestions? Please help as the last backup I made was months ago, and if I have to re-do everything I'm seriously going to throw the computer out the window...
  8. Can't seem to find the old request thread so apologies for making a whole new thread. Just wondering if anybody has the left and right background logos for the San Jose Earthquakes? Cheers.
  9. SS'08 Kit Request Thread

    San Jose Earthquakes H/A?
  10. San Jose Earthquakes ----> US Div. 2

    Looks like I got it to work. Cheers.
  11. San Jose Earthquakes ----> US Div. 2

    The actual San Jose Earthquakes? What steps did you take to switch them?
  12. So looking at the editor I noticed that the San Jose Earthquakes are in the database, but they are assigned no nation or league. I'm wondering if it is possible to swap this team with the San Jose Frogs playing in the American Developmental League, as I know it's nigh on impossible to add them to the MLS. Has anybody done this, and if so, what steps are needed to do it?
  13. I've just accepted that the transfer system is unbelievably wonky and just rolled with it. If every team has £150m to spend, and every player is going for £20m+, then it balances out in the end. Besides, it's an eerie look in to the future of football IRL....
  14. I've had the same thing happen to me. Made a bid for Vargas from Catania right after Atletico Madrid had one accepted. Matched their bid only to be told that Catania wanted £10m plus more. Annoying as hell, whatever the reason.
  15. All told I think I have about 14 leagues running. Works perfectly for me. I'm thinking of going even higher for my next game.