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  1. October Moving onto the second round of the FA Vase with a home tie against West Auckland who are in the same league as us and we did beat earlier on in the season 3-0, hopefully we can carry that on. Win in the Northern League Cup seems us move on against a team who are 2 tier's down from us, only trophy we can realistically aim for after our upcoming poor performance in the league. 4 points from 5 games, very disappointing and I can't use the excuse of too many games in a tight schedule after we've had a 2 week rest at one point. Also had a player bitch about not getting enough football and even the captain was on his side which won't be any good for morale
  2. September FA Cup run comes to an end but proud to get that far and we played really well against Whitehawk who are a conference south team. Easy win to see us move onto the first round of the FA Vase. Thankfully these games don't come around so often so players aren't as unfit unlike the FA Cup Accidentally moved into October without realizing so ended up playing one game. So looks like our unbeaten run came to an end at the hands of Ashington and we've never really came back to the form we were in at the start of the season. The majority of the players couldn't keep up with the demanding schedule due to FA Cup replays it seems. So we've slipped down a few places but still do have a few games in hand which could still see us go top if every other game went in our favor Had a few managers from some loanees I've got and they weren't happy about me playing their players outside the agreed positions and one of them nearly terminated the loan but luckily he agreed with me in the end and i've kept him for now. My childhood team of glorious Tranmere Rovers job came up but i think it would be very disloyal of me right now to even apply for it, doubt i would of got it though.
  3. August Great run in the FA Cup so far, no superior opponents yet though which i'm sure will come knocking. Great and unexpected start to the season where i am predicted 13th, early days i know but i'm looking forward to how this season unfolds for us. Good month for North Shields in August but next month with me playing catch up in games that were moved for FA Cup replays will sure take it's toll on the players.
  4. Newbie at doing one of these but after religiously following Adam Hart's chronicles I've been inspired to do one, hopefully it's entertaining enough that people want me to carry on Leagues loaded are: England down to the 9th tier, French CFA and above, German Third Division and above, Holland Jupiler League and above, Irish First division and above, Italian Serie C and above, Northern Irish Premier Intermediate League and above, Portugal Championship and above, Scottish League 2 and above, Spanish Second Division B and above, Welsh First Division and above. Always loved the idea from starting with nothing to making a name for myself so started unemployed with real age, 28, with the lowest reputation and since i'm from Newcastle i tried to find the nearest club to me without having a manager and that was North Shields (just about a 15 minute walk away from me thankfully) in the Northern League Division One (9th tier) so i applied and got the job about a week later. Sadly I didn't get a screenshot of me being accepted on my one year contract on £240, how they can afford that is beyond me. Expectations were as follows: Looking to do monthly updates and any feedback is appreciated
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