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  1. don't know, he just popped up when I searched for expering contracts, so I got him again. If I had to guess, that was what they gave him. He performed really well for them, but AI thought he was too old to be given a longer contract =)) Apparently age is different for GKs.
  2. I think so too. I've done that with a few more players, but Stegen by far gave me the best ROI =))
  3. Yes he was excellent, only thing is he was not getting younger, and I'm all about teenagers. And guess who else replaced him lol
  4. Start of 2nd season, Barca buys Kane for £192m... He replaces Suarez and is on 25 apps/15 goals in December now... PSG signs Pogba for £112m...
  5. As title says, what is the best youth intake preview description/sumary should I look for in December? I heard something like "golden generation" is the best? I only got "we should be optimistic about this youth intake". What are your observations so far?
  6. His PA is -10. In my save he has a 190 PA. A beast on the left wing if you play him as Inside Forward. Just train him to cut inside and he will do his job.
  7. I follow the instruction but cannot get it to work. I think it's because the filename in Win8 is case sensitive. The original files have lower case in their name. The new files have ALL UPPER CASE so Win8/MAC can't find the file. Or 13.2.2 can't I'm not too sure. If you have the pack with the lower case file name please give it to us. I will test it. I don't know how to change all 4000+ file names into lower case tho.
  8. @Simsejensen77: Which tactic do you use? MU or Against the Grain? On Neymar, I really don't think he can improve his Composure and Finishing to both 16 at the age of 21... he starts with 14 for both... Also, how do you have the player's face? Need to download somewhere? Pls give me a pointer... Much thanks!
  9. I see lots of links. Which one is the best attacking tactic? Against the grain? 100pts? 97Pts? By the file name, the 100P one scores less than the 97P. I'm Man City and always have problems with tactics, so which one is the most destructive one?
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