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  1. Start of 2nd season, Barca buys Kane for £192m... He replaces Suarez and is on 25 apps/15 goals in December now... PSG signs Pogba for £112m...
  2. As title says, what is the best youth intake preview description/sumary should I look for in December? I heard something like "golden generation" is the best? I only got "we should be optimistic about this youth intake". What are your observations so far?
  3. His PA is -10. In my save he has a 190 PA. A beast on the left wing if you play him as Inside Forward. Just train him to cut inside and he will do his job.
  4. This is how my team made the goal. Had Norwich run for their lungs :v Reminded me of the duo in Captain Tsubasa.
  5. Martin Odeegard pic for those who want it http://postimg.org/image/4yir2nus5/8602b9eb/
  6. I feel for you and you're not the only one. I manage Real Madrid and following our straight wins was red cards and at least a long term injury in almost every match. I'm tired of logging complaints in this forum because other fan boys will tell me because of people like us just complaining and not giving constructive feedback. Then they accuse us for not reporting the bugs in the bugs forum and the stories are turned into their judgement about the paying customers' attitude for the game not the damaged game itself. The game is flawed in virtually every aspects: team talk, mind games, contract,
  7. I don't think there is anyone in this world that can mentor him. He can't be mentored, he can only tamed, a feature FM will never have.
  8. The number of times depends on the number of shots on target. And the number of shots depends on the tactic you play. I play a very offensive tactic (Thaksin in the Tactics subforum modified to my taste) and have about 20 - 30 shots a match depending on the opponents, around 2/3 of which are on target and about 3 woodworks a match (total of number of woodworks of both my team and the other team). I play Real Madrid and I know it's a very strong team, but if you count the their total number of woodwork IRL from the start of this season, I don't think it's more than 10, or even 5. If you play a
  9. I use that option too. Most of the time it works. Only when a player who is about 21 and have no first team experience will complain more.
  10. This is the second leg. I won 3-0 on the first leg. I lost 2-5 on this second leg. So in the end I still won, but this could ruin my season as I wanted to win every possible title.
  11. I'm sorry. I'm a paying customer, not their tester. This is not a finished product. And yes, thanks to people like me SI can make a living. Wake up. Edit: And I'm sure other people have reported it for years. Guess what? They still exist. So what's the point of reporting?
  12. Not just in Spain. I had the same problem with PSG in France but I didn't post. So it's everywhere.
  13. If the registration deadline passes there's nothing you can do, you will have to wait for the next registration in winter. You cannot continue the game if you haven't registered the players. So when the deadline passes it means you will have to submit a set of players adhered to the rules.
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