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  1. At what point exactly was I obnoxious or did I suggest that it would prevent me from playing?
  2. So explain further, you mentioned earlier older technology support being a limitation, which API set are you using? Just because others have weaker support for the Mac does not justify your lack of keeping up. Can you explain in detail how transitioning to the current set of APIs would remove support from older machines - what is the oldest version of Mac OS you support?
  3. You're right it is easy to say it, but had you kept up with developments on Mac APIs you wouldn't have this problem, it wouldn't mean leaving older systems behind at all, simply supporting more modern systems better whilst gracefully falling back on older systems. So in fairness, you lose nothing and gain the benefits of supporting Apple's latest tech.
  4. Oh for goodness sake that is so poor Neil, it should have been in the last version but to not have it in this one is so disappointing!
  5. It's properly supported within the OS and allocates itself to a new virtual desktop which supports gestures to move from one desktop to another.
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