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  1. Hello, I've detected an error about match changes in the Game logic. I was playing the european supercup and after i've used the 3 allowed changes, one if my players was injured, that made me finish the 90 minutes with 10 players in the pitch. The match finished in draw and we went to the extra time. It exists an extra change in the extra time, but i can't change the injured player, cause this i had to finish the extra time with 10 players without receive any red car having an extra change. Could you check thar issue? Thank you for tour attention. Regards.
  2. Technically, the league rule allows 22 players in the squad, and their numbers are between 1 and 22. Whatever, Copa del Rey allow list U-19 players in their matches. The problem occurs in the prematch when I must give a number to the U-19 player but I only can assing numbers between 1 and 22 (same as your squad in the league) but I can't unaling the player or continue to the match. In my opinion I could assing numbers like 27,30... like in other Spanish leagues for these matches. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDA
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