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  1. You can always try the play more disciplined shout. You wide players the WM(A) have more risky passes on them by default that could be why you see those kinds of passes.
  2. Stats dont tell the whole story. How do you watch your matches? Key/Extended/etc.?
  3. When selecting the youth players to keep you should have in mind: 1. The players potential Easiest thing to check. Have good scouts, check the report as long as he is rated to good for your current league keep him there. 2. Personality and Media Handling These are important because they help you determine a players hidden attributes, they wont help you get the exact value but rather a range. For player developement Professionalism is really important, the higher the value the harder the player will train and and the faster they will grow and reach their potential. As an example a player with a Resolute personality will always have at least 15 Professionalism. Other really good personalities are: Model Citizen (ultra rare), Perfectionist, Model Professional, Professional and Fairly Professional. In terms of Media Handling you want to be on the lookout for Evasive and Reserved they also guarantee at least 15 Professionalism, but they might be in combination with personalities that arent as balanced as those I mentioned earlier. Keep players with good Professionalism tutor players with high potential but bad personalities. More about tutoring here: More about player personalities: 3. Attribute distribution This happens mostly with regens. You will have a central midfielder with 3 Stamina. It would take really long to build a decent value and it would take a lot of his potential that could have have gone into other attributes. You want to keep the players that a good attribute distribution relevant to their position. In terms of tehnical and mental attributes, retraining to another position could be a good option.
  4. Easiest thing to do after going up the ladder is upgrade facilities and get better coaches. Next thing you can is check the personalities of your youth players, you want personalities with high professionalism. Tutor the ones with bad personalities. Check the link people to find more about personalities. The stars are relative to your team strength and how good are the coaches/scouts at judging the players, obviously you want staff with high Judging Player Ability and Potential, the higher the more accurate. And lastly game time, the most important aspect, give them game time. For more details about youth developement check out Cleons blog:
  6. The AP(S) is interpreted as a more static role by the devs, buf if you want to you can make the player roam, its not hardcoded like the Enganche for example which also has it actve by default. Or like the Trequartista which is hardcoded to roam and you cant really change that.
  7. For a 4-3-3 a striker that drops deep is needed, to link-up and create space for the 2 IFs. a CF(s) would be fine for a player like Icardi or Sturridge. Considering you have Drop Deeper and Much Higher Tempo on with an AF he would get the ball really quickly just start dribbling at the opposition defense. Now my question is why would you want your team to get the ball very fast forward (the Much Higher Tempo)? Besides the AF that seems like the main problem for the striker being isolated. With the information you posted. Another thing that comes to mind is the fact that you midfield roles are pretty generic, if you would have an playmaker in their, he would have an magnet effect, attract the ball more, and it give your team time to get further forward. You should post some in-game screenshots of how your build-up is actually on the pitch, watching for that will help you understand the tactic better and get better feedback from forums. Otherwise its general theory and speculation from the people posting.
  8. In my current game I decided to dedicate a bit more time to developing youth. And a major part of this is also the youth recruitment. I have devised a "system" on recruiting and i'm curios what people think about it and what other "systems" people use. First criteria is obviously age, the maximum I go for is 17 but I usually prefer 14,15 or 16, since it gives me much more time to develop the players, the 17 year olds have to be quite exceptional. Since I'm managing a top team all my scouts are have over 18 JPP, so I generally trust what they say, I also have the Chief Scout with 20 JPA and JPA to give a second opinion. The minimum I go for is 2 stars potential the description for this rating from my scouts is "leading player in the Serie B", depending on the attributes of that player he can make a good backup or squad player. These 2 - 2.5 stars players need to have good Natural Fitness andStamina, some high mental attributes (as an example a defender with 13 positioning and 12 concentration would qualify for that), decent tehnical and physical attributes, since these can be trained and probably the most important aspect is a high value in Profesionalism (at least 15), so a good combo of Personality and Media Handling is needed for these players. The logic behind this is that with a lot of players being clased as 2-2.5 stars potential I should have plenty to chose from. From the 3 stars potential onwards players start to be clasified as "leading in the Seria A". For these players I obviously spend more money to get them and I don't really care about their personality since I can tutor them. The only thing I require is a decent value in Natural Fitness, at least 12 I would say, Stamina can be trained so thats not a problem. In terms of the tehnical and physical attributes I look for good all round values for their positions. As for the mental attributes I'm not that picky, if the player reaches the first and doest paly well I can always sell him for a profit.